Wednesday garden: major celery haul

Today I re-discovered the joy of puttering. I could putter the rest of my life if today was anything to go by. It is a holiday and the pile of work be-dam-gotten (yeah so I needed to create a new word to celebrate this rare event :). I was a garden nymph today.

I got some of the black-eyed susan bed dug up –a swath about 5×4, leaving another 20×4 to tackle. It rained again this morning, early, and that definitely made digging there a bit easier. I worked on the compost piles and was able to spread a bucketful of finished compost on the main garden where I’m hoping to nest an aubergine (eggplant) seedling in a couple of weeks. I started 6 more eggplant seeds, 6 oregano seeds, and 12 dwarf dahlia seeds in little pots. I’ve got 6 baby dahlias and 7 baby …eh oregano or aubergine –seedlings up and happy already.

I took a picture of my celery and lettuce haul for the day and went down late this afternoon to get a picture of the pretty but rampaging weed-that-flowers. Nu, it seems it is like a morning glory and the blooms close up once sun stops shining on it. I’ll have to get the picture tomorrow morning and will post it and that of the huge amount of celery and lettuce I harvested today.

I pulled up the celery plant that was going to seed entirely and cut back the other celery down to ground level — I’m curious to see if it will re-grow again or if it will almost immediately start trying to go to seed. I’ll be happy either way: I’ve got a new store-bought base in water that is nearly ready to plant out. I’m going to try an experiment with the going-to-seed celery that I took root and all, as well. The neatest thing, to me, is that it has a big round root — when I stuck it in the ground the bottom looked like the bottom of any celery bunch you buy in the grocery at an exorbitant rate. At least I’ve gotten double my money and then some from my store-bought stalks.

I got a couple of loads of laundry done and three pages written on my fiction book. I’ve re-written this particular chapter totally from the ground up four times so far but I am finally happy with what Ive got and where it is going and the six pages I’ve got saved in this iteration will be keepers. Bridging chapters are the hardest. The last two chapters basically wrote themselves at a frenetic pace because I knew exactly what I wanted in them and the next chapter is so clear I can taste it but this chapter, getting from there to there, it has been like pulling teeth. I think I’ve finally seen a road map that feels right. The first six of eighteenish pages are right, at least. It took me 6 months to write the first 11 chapters and now 6 months trying to get this one chapter to fly true –if I can get this one locked in, the last 6 should nearly write themselves. I’ve got a road map for them!


3 responses to “Wednesday garden: major celery haul”

  1. Lynne says :

    Your garden sounds exciting. I can hardly wait to see it when I come to Israel!

  2. tddpirate says :

    Were there any drastic changes in chapters 1-10 of the story since I reviewed them?
    At any case, I didn’t get to review chapter 11 (hint, hint).

    • israeliminx says :

      Pirate, no drastic changes but I did make a lot of changes and clarifications you suggested in them. I’ll send on chapter 11 for you! Your comments and criticism have been invaluable and so spot on and you’ve kept me inspired to keep going.

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