Little Mouse and Mischa update

The good news is Mischa: He has finally stopped vomiting multiple times a day and is no longer looking like a gaunt specter. He is, by no means, anything approaching the 25 pound, all-muscle and no-fat, kitty he was for 13 years (from age 1 year until a year and a half ago) but he is also no longer the skeletal 6 pound shell who could barely muster the energy to walk across the room. He clocked in today at just at 10 pounds. The average adult male cat is about a foot long from head to end of hind quarters (not including the tail) and Mischa is darn near two feet long — he has a much, much larger than average frame. He needs to gain another 5 pounds to be out of the danger zone but we are getting there.

The less good news is Little Mouse. When the weather starts heating up, his stomatitis (inflamation of the gums, floor and roof of the mouth) seems to go into over-drive. In the last four days he’s not eaten even a teaspoons worth of food combined and for the last two days has been having severe reactions just to his own saliva. He got a steroid shot and I’ve got antibiotics to try to give him orally but good luck with that. There is an antibiotic shot he could get that would last for 30 days and could put him in remission for 6 months but it costs 1100 shekels. I simply can’t.


3 responses to “Little Mouse and Mischa update”

  1. Lynne says :

    I would get the shot. It might be good for you to bring Little Mouse to the US. I could make him an indoor only cat and he would learn his way around the house. My cat Mattie has the same issues and I could take care of them both. Mattie is very friendly and generally loves other cats.

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema,since January I’m already fasting three days a week because between the cats and the seriously astronomical payments for the failed fertility treatments and crises like needing to replace the computer, I am going to need to borrow money off the house just to pay the rent for next year and probably more just for basics like electricity and water. I’ve got 6 new cavities and the 3500 shek tooth-to-fx that I broke two years ago that I’d like to get fixed within the next 12 or so years –highly unlikely at the current rate. So, no, I can’t afford the shot for Little Mouse.

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