The KGBing of the American government

So I got scooped by Bill O’Reilly. I’d promised to try to put together a piece by Friday on the KGBing of the U.S. and the story of Charles Vandersloot was going to play a prominent role except I couldn’t remember his name and was slogging back through my blog posts prior to the election to find that tie-in to the current and interconnected scandals. As I stated earlier in the week, what is going on is not limited just to the IRS or the DOJ or the State Department: It goes much broader and much deeper and it originates at the very top. It is extremely scary.

It was unprecedented and unbelievable when an official Obama campaign website listed 8 individual citizens who had donated to the Romney campaign and vilified and maligned them by claiming, completely falsely and with absolutely no evidence, that they were “wealthy individuals with less-than-reputable records” and that their business practices were often “on the wrong side of the law.” It was a clear attempt to intimidate people into not donating to the enemy camp. The businesses of these donors suffered, they received death threats, their children were threatened. Then, within days of Vandersloot being singled out on this campaign website, he was hit with not one but two simultaneous audits by the IRS. A month later, his business was hit by yet another audit, this time by the Labour board. Then, another month on and he was hit by a third IRS audit. It has cost him $80,000 in legal and accounting fees to deal with these audits and not only was there no wrong-doing found on his part but he is owed a sizable return from the IRS. The legal fees he had to expend to prove his innocence, he won’t get back. Back in May of last year, Forbes had a very prescient piece titled “The Obama Campaign’s Nixonian “White House Enemies List” Yes indeedy.

As one of the representatives pointed out at the hearing the other day, applying for a tea party related non-profit not only brought the IRS to your door but dozens of those who applied also found the FBI and ATF knocking. One small businesswoman in Florida not only had an IRS audit launched against her but the FBI came and interrogated her on four occasions and then the ATF came and checked her house and business premises and she doesn’t even own a firearm. See, the new DHS guidelines list tea party members and those who fear a centralized government as terrorist threats greater than Islamic extremism (oops they aren’t actually allowed to use the word Islamic anymore). Anyone want to take a guess at how the FBI and ATF got her name? Wow, this middle-aged small businesswoman is certainly worthy of intense scrutiny for terrorism or for…something …while the Boston bombers, well, you know, they were just kids and no threat at all…The Representative asked, “Is this still America?” Dude, I don’t think so.

We now know that the IRS deliberately chose not to reveal that it had wrongly targeted conservative groups until after the 2012 presidential election:. Colour me shocked.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with Obama publicly urging his followers: ‘We’re going to punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.’ Nah, nothing at all. And more than a bit Nixonian there, too, I might add.

Well now, let’s see, how does the IRS scandal tie in to what has been going on at the Department of Justice. It isn’t just Big DOJ grabbing the phone records of the AP journalists to try to identify their sources and intimidate both reporters and whistleblowers alike into silence. The Department of Justice has been in deep in corruption scandals that didn’t make the news outside of Fox for several years and that all had one thing in common: Pushing the Obama administration’s goals by whatever means, including illegal means, necessary. Fast and Furious, anyone? Right, get lots of guns into the hands of criminals so that there will be a backlash and the imposition of gun control. I mean, we can’t have people who are afraid of a big centralized police state government — you know, one where the IRS might target and terrorize those with different views, where the DOJ might seize your phone records and emails without cause or warrant and believes it is Constitutional to target American citizens on American soil with drone attacks — having guns. Just look how dangerous that middle-aged businesswoman in Florida could be with her desires to form a tea party group that wants to keep the government true to the Constitution.

Oh yeah, the Constitution: That little problematic document that causes Obama such a headache. As Obama noted in a radio interview, the U.S. has suffered from a fundamentally flawed Constitution that does not mandate or allow for redistribution of wealth. In that interview Obama characterizes the Constitution as “a charter of negative liberties,” which “says what the states can’t do to you (and) what the Federal government can’t do to you, but doesn’t say what the Federal government or State government must do on your behalf.” Like forcing you to get healthcare not of your choosing and overseen by the person who oversaw the IRS targeting of those whose views run counter to the President’s. But I digress. In part II, I’ll return to the DOJ, get to Benghazi, and a lot more that has been going on under the radar.


21 responses to “The KGBing of the American government”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    For Yael. I read two highly interesting articles that I very strongly suggest that you too read.
    —“EmbryoScope: New IVF technology helps couples conceive with 24/7 embryo monitoring” at
    —“New techniques in IVF” at

    NEVER EVER GIVE UP, Yael, on your dream to have a child OF YOUR OWN.
    Keep trying until you get pregnant, no matter the challenges you might have encountered.

    Being Jewish is NOT burdening one’s life with many religious practices. Being Jewish is to apply a few of the good lessons from the Tanach. One of these good lessons is the following:
    “Be fruitful and multiply.” Genesis 1:28.

    Take care Yael, and all the best to you.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    On “Jewish” Orthodox religious practices. I have said in my previous posting the following:
    “Being Jewish is NOT burdening one’s life with many religious practices. Being Jewish is to apply a few of the good lessons from the Tanach.”
    I should have said instead:
    “Being Jewish is NOT burdening one’s life with many INVENTED ORTHODOX religious practices. Being Jewish is to apply a few of the good lessons from the Tanach.”
    As you can see, I have added “INVENTED ORTHODOX” to my previous statement.

    In fact, the truth is that MOST of the so-called “Jewish” Orthodox religious practices have been INVENTED FROM SCRATCH by the Orthodox!! And, by doing so, by inventing these numerous and BOGUS Orthodox religious practices, the Orthodox have KILLED JUDAISM!!
    And worse of all, many Jews in the USA are not Jews anymore; many American Jews in the USA have abandoned being Jews because of the numerous bogus Orthodox practices, as the Orthodox have found a way to make Jews believe that their numerous invented and bogus religious Jewish practices are the truth path to being a Jew. IT IS NOT!!! On the contrary!!
    Worse, in Israel, the Orthodox have also killed the Jewishness of many Israelis. Not to mention making it impossible for would be convert to convert to Judaism, many of these would be converts having already Jewish members in their families!!

    How do I know that the numerous invented Orthodox religious practices are completely illegitimate?
    Well, one test is very easy.
    First, not all that is written in the Tanach is accurate!! And that is why each Jew must decide for himself/herself what is and what is not true or accurate or plausible in the Tanach. And the worst is the Talmud that is claimed by the Orthodox to be as valid as the Tanach and that is basically 99% invented by the Orthodox!! And that is from this Talmud that these numerous invented Orthodox practices have originated!!
    Second, the easy test is that the patriarchs of Israel (Moshe, David, Shlomo, etc.) practiced not even 10% of the numerous invented religious practices that the Orthodox claim Jews should practice in their lives!!

    Finally, many of the Orthodox people are good people and their values are good despite the fact that they are completely blind and irrational, as they practice simply too many invented Orthodox practices that are completely unnecessary.
    And unfortunately, the Haredi have shown that they sometimes are completely blind, for instance when they oppose the creation of the State of Israel. Some of them even join forces with Iran’s president!!
    For me, the Orthodox that I am inclined to respect are the Modern Orthodox and the very strong Zionist settlers of the West Bank; they are still blind concerning the numerous invented Orthodox religious people BUT they are open to progress, science and so on.

  3. Lynne says :

    The scandals are very widespread, and it points to government abuses. Obama just continues to campaign and campaign and campaign —and either is up to his neck in these scandals or is oblivious, having surrounded himself with dubious people (he is used to that, starting with Bill Ayers). I think Obama’s philosophy is that the end justifies the means, and will do whatever supports his agenda (which is scary enough it itself). More government, more huge unaccountable bureaucracies seems to be his aim.

  4. Mac says :

    I believe that Obama is just the man in the window. He is controlled and posed by his puppet master “advisors”. When I heard on the Fox news about the secret gathering of the AP reporters’ phone records, I said out loud that the wheels of this admin had just come completely off the wagon. The blind eye that had been counted on by them had just gotten a huge “poke” for their ambivalence! Even msnbc is wondering out loud about the corruption. When they lose them, it’s on it’s way down….

    • Lynne says :

      Mac, exactly. I totally agree. Chris Matthews who for some time until just now Obama could do no wrong, is now openly, loudly criticizing Obama. Yep, the tide has turned, I believe. I think that one thing is clear, unfortunately, and that is that there are too many powerful influences that have far too much control in Washington. The corruption that is being exposed will likely embolden others who were too afraid to come forward before. As it is, there is almost too much being revealed to conceal it any longer.

  5. Coyote says :

    KGBing … personally when Bush announced the creation of the Department of Homeland Security the first thing that came to mind was the KGB …

    • Lynne says :

      Coyote, except that…the KGB was chilling and scary but not completely clueless and ineffective, which the DHS is. I agree with you that we do not need too much government oversight of private citizens, but that was not the original intent of the organization. The DHS was meant to be on the cutting edge of intelligence, but most of all to act as a facilitator between government agencies for information sharing. As we saw with the Boston bombers, the warnings from the Russians and the suspicious behavior and travel to the hotbed of terrorism in Russia were not even followed up, nor was any information shared with other agencies (not to the Boston division assigned to deal with terrorism). It might not have helped there, because the Boston cops did not even effectively look for the bomber who was found by a citizen after an “all clear” was given, a mere 400 feet from the shootout with the police. There are great restrictions of what the DHS is allowed to do, and they are actually not encouraged to look at Islamists or potential terrorists from the Middle East (by orders from Obama), and have been instructed to look for terrorism among US citizens from the Right or Evangelical Christians. To get an idea of the Obama Admin. mindset, keep in mind that Obama continues to call the Fort Hood murders “workplace violence”. Seriously. And in the meantime, Obama and his campaign kept a list of “enemies” which were donors to the Republican Party…and now we have the targeting of people by the IRS for their political beliefs. I am not a Tea Party member, but I respect the right for the Tea Party to express their ideas.
      I’m extremely concerned about the US right now because our country is polarized, and there is not constructive dialogue among people and among our country’s leaders. It’s worrisome for our future.

  6. Coyote says :

    I’m of the opinion that people, including those who helped Obama get elected, under estimated the influence that a few years overseas in an essentially Muslim country could have on a small child. Children have a great capacity to ignore the bad that occurs around them and see things through rose colored glasses. Obama undoubtedly returned with a few ideas floating around in his mind that are from that time period in his life. So the fact that Obama views Fort Hood as “workplace violence” doesn’t really surprise me. As to the DHS …. I understand the original intent of what Bush was doing when he created it. However, there also seemed, in my mind, ample opportunity for DHS to evolve into something it was not meant to be. Thus my thought of KGB …

    If I sound a bit incoherent I must apologize … I’m really tired from a combination of a family wedding and the remains of pneumonia.

    • Lynne says :

      Coyote, I agree with you. My comments were adding to yours, not contradicting your ideas. I think that you are exactly right about the DHS, and I agree also that no matter what the original intent was, it is/was an agency that could abuse citizen freedoms. It does not look like that has happened since they are more like a force of Laurel and Hardy types, absolutely ineffective and bumbling. It is now apparent that the FBI and CIA have serious issues within their agencies, too, and that communication and investigations are flawed. It is apparent now that the IRS is one abusing citizens, and that is true of any of the huge, unaccountable bureacracies in the US. The potential for abuse is there. I totally agree with you about Obama. It’s clear that his mother was a very odd sort of woman and not very maternal, and that his upbringing with his grandparents included some very radical influences. My university education was for the most part from a Far Left philosophy and my professors had an anti-American view. I bought that philosophy completely…until I began to see for myself (while doing research for my favorite professor) the flawed and narrow viewpoint which was often not rational or accurate. I think that I know and understand some of Obama’s influences due to my own educational experiences. And, he is clearly pro-Muslim so much so that he cannot be objective (I would not have anyone be anti-Muslim, but blind loyalty to a group is never good for any of us).
      You do not sound incoherent at all, but I am sorry to hear that you are just getting over pneumonia. I hope that you soon feel much better!

    • israeliminx says :

      Coyote I agree. I also think we are witnessing the academic lesson of what can happen when you have a charismatic leader, an enthrall media, and a largely disengaged and uniformed populace. Previous examples have turned out seriously not good.

  7. Tiger Mike says :

    Yael, now that you’ve posted this, the IRS will be coming after you. So as some one who has commented from time to time on this blog, I just want to go on record that I have always loved, admired and supported the IRS and believe that every thing they do is justified. The country, no the world, would be a better place if we just had more hard working IRS agents helping us with our lives. I appreciate the IRS so much that there is no need to look into my taxes, holdings, income, property nor what I have hidden in those safe deposit boxes I rented under an assumed name. In fact, those boxes don’t even exist!

    I denounce Yael and all her anti IRS talk! I stand with the Federal Government, the IRS, The BATF, the DHS, the EPA, MINISTRY OF PLENTY, MINISTRY OF LOVE and the Obama Administration against Yael’s heresy, Goldsteinism and hatefilled blogs! (under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me…)

    PRASE BIG BROTHER, uh, I mean the IRS!

  8. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    On a very shocking topic related to the US.
    Read “Wrong color in the wrong place” at
    That is the unbelievable and ugly reality in the US!!

    I am currently living in the UK, in London. I was thinking that, if I would like to live in the USA, I might have to start carrying a concealed gun just to be safe in the streets against any potential thug, especially if I was to walk in Black neighborhoods where Whites are systematically attacked by Blacks.
    This trend of Blacks attacking people only because of the color of their white skin is quite unbelievable for me here in Europe. And yet, in the USA, it is daily business as usual I could say!!

    • Lynne says :

      It occurs in “bad” neighborhoods, and we do have those in small and big cities. The best bet is to stay out of those places because they are not safe for anyone.

      • WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

        Hello Lynne, I hope you are well.

        Well, when someone says that I should stay out of any part of the world because thug Blacks are around, it infringes on my freedom of walking on earth anywhere I like!!
        Why these thug Blacks can roam freely in ANY neighborhood that they want on earth and me I should not walk in certain neighborhoods because I happen to be white and they happen to be Black?!!!!

        Same for Israel where Israelis are lynched if they happen to drive in an Arab village!!! And these same Muslims can roam freely and safely in any parts of Israel!!!

        • Lynne says :

          Actually, I taught in a middle school in one of those neighborhoods. The district made the school a magnet school to bring in diversity, and the neighborhood was truly a mix of good and bad people, but the bad element made the area dangerous in general for all races. My students from the area were a mix, too. Some one sweet as could be and struggling in that environment to try to live a halfway decent life. But others were basically stark raving mad crazy and dangerous. It’s not so much a Black/White issue here, but that there are crazy thugs of all colors in some places. These trash may say that their motivations are racial, and partly they are, but the truth is that they are criminally insane.

        • israeliminx says :

          Wipe, black on black crime is much higher than black on white crime in the U.S. The bad guys (whether they are black or white) go after targets of opportunity.

  9. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Here is another proof that the Obama administration always tries to cover up the truth where there is a scandal such as the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and more.
    Read “WASHINGTON: IRS officials aren’t cooperating in probes at top or bottom” at

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