U.S. funding anti-Israel NGOs

A report presented to members of Congress on Tuesday by Jerusalem-based research institute NGO Monitor shows that US Government funding of several political NGOs in the Palestinian Authority and Israel contradicts US policy, has a negative impact on the peace process, and lacks the independent oversight necessary to prevent abuses. Some of them promote virulent anti-Semitism, including blood libels. Read more


2 responses to “U.S. funding anti-Israel NGOs”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Is it a surprise when you have a closet Muslim and bogus convert to Christianity at the helm of the USA in the person of Hussein Obama?!!

    • israeliminx says :

      Wipe, I don’t think he is a closet Muslim but, as many commenters here have noted, I do think he has been influenced by his early upbringing at Muslim Madrassas. I think he is more in tune and influenced with the far-leftists and their version of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ philosophy (rightest fall into this trap too) and the enemy here is everything the average U.S, citizen and the tenets of any capitalistic (read colonialist in their terminology) system adheres. The Right can and does get involved with equally strange and dangerous bedfellows. It is never a clear-cut case of good vs. evil. There are many shades of grey in-between and people on both sides who stand up and say ‘yo, this is frickin wrong’ but, as history as shown us, those people are few and far between when the chips are really down and ‘your’ party is the one in control. Most people are sheeple, as a Lebanese friend noted, most are completely unaware, and most, if under the gun, will try to save their own hide rather than stand up for what is right and humane.

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