Hello MI5 where is the intelligence to your intelligence?

Lemme get this straight. You have a guy on the radical nutburger club radar for a decade. You know he not only is a follower of a radical cleric who promotes violent jihad in the U.K. (I’ve blogged about Anjem Choudary before) but has taken part in numerous violent protests (with and without Choudary along). You know he did jail time for violent behaviour. You know he tried to go to Somalia to join a terrorist fighting group (you know this because you stopped him doing it at the airport). Yet, you didn’t consider him to be a jihadi threat?


One response to “Hello MI5 where is the intelligence to your intelligence?”

  1. Lynne says :

    The US and the UK have a bunch of bungling morons in these pathetic bureaucracies. Why didn’t they arrest him long before now? The death of this poor innocent man is a direct result of their lack of action. Even after the attack which was seen, heard, photographed, witnessed and participated in by by-standers, the UK press was saying “alleged terrorist attack”. Alleged…what the hell else was it when you hack an innocent person to death while screaming jihadist slogans?? Let’s ask Obama, ok? Oh, “workplace violence” ….

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