You say tomato, I say tomatOES

I’ve got nearly 40 big tomatoes growing and more flowers blooming on the tomato plants –and some of the tomato plants haven’t yet started to bloom. Here are a couple of pics of some of the big babies:
Here is a pic of the mega celery harvest last week:

Tomorrow I’ll put up some pics of the hot peppers — two of the plants are going full-out mo-jo. I was so excited when I checked the mail this morning and found the Clemson Spineless Okra seeds my Ema sent me (along with a beautiful card). When I was looking around the yard today, I think I came upon the perfect spot to put a whole long row of them. There is a strip between the roses and the big hedge that gets a huge amount of sun. Okra makes not only awesome food but really big, beautiful flowers that look more than a bit like hibiscus blossoms. Gorgeous flowers plus delicious food, who can beat that?!


6 responses to “You say tomato, I say tomatOES”

  1. Lynne says :

    I think that there may be one more package coming your way with Vintage Okra seeds that were grown in Israel in the past and a heat-loving spinach from India. Be on the look out for a good place for the spinach patch!
    Your garden is looking wonderful!

    • israeliminx says :

      Woo hoo. I’ll only plant 5 or 6 of these okra then and wait on the other kind to arrive and then get 6 or so of them in!

      I really love that the kids in the building are interested in the garden. I’ve come home several times and found that they’d put water on the little veggies and I showed them how to re-grow celery. I’m not so loving their attempt to help today. It had to have been the kids. They were really curious as to what I was doing yesterday when I was trimming on the verge. I went out just a bit ago, once the sun was heading for the horizon, to trim on the weeds that pass as our lawn. AWK!!!! The rose bush nearest the building had been lopped off about two and a half feet above the ground. Laying there on the ground were all the tall branches sporting a dozen or more buds waiting to open into blooms. A sign is going up in the lobby tomorrow saying ‘yo, don’t trim on anything without asking me first!’

      I think that rose is going to be toast.

      • Lynne says :

        Every garden really needs his or her own yard. Have you looked into buying a property in Israel lately :)?

  2. Mike says :


  3. israeliminx says :

    Thanks Mike!

    Ema, I’ve not posted yet about last week when I went on my own Easter egg hunt in the yard when we had an incredible stink on and it turned out that the kids had taken eggs out of their respective fridges to try to make baby chickens and had made ‘nests’ for them all around the yard. There are one or two unaccounted for … I can smell them but so far haven’t found them. Stink or no, I am still amused. I remember trying that when I was a kid.

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