Memorial Day: I Drive Your Truck

Then came the part of the interview that hit me hardest: It was the moment when Paul Monti talked about his son’s truck, and why he still has it, and still drives it.

“What can I tell you? It’s him,” Jared’s father explained, nearly choking on his words. “It’s got his DNA all over it. I love driving it because it reminds me of him, though I don’t need the truck to remind me of him. I think about him every hour of every day.”

I was already tearing up before that story about Jared’s truck. But as the details piled up — the truck was a Dodge 4X4 Ram 1500 with decals on it that included the 10th Mountain Division, the 82nd Airborne Division, an American flag, and a Go Army sticker — I lost it.

And there I was sitting in my car in a Walmart parking lot on a sunny Memorial Day in my hometown crying hard. Crying like a child. Crying as if I’d lost my child.

I wasn’t the only one in a car crying that day. It turns out that a Nashville songwriter named Connie Harrington was in her car, too, listening to the very same story. Moved to tears, she pulled over to the side of the road, scribbling notes as the story proceeded. Read more

This song is the result

Here’s some more information about Jared Monti, a true man of honour and a true hero: LOGAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Across just a few deadly yards of rocky terrain, the private’s cries grew weaker.

Even though bullets came pouring in like hail, Staff Sgt. Jared Monti made a break for it. The enemy was strong — maybe 50, to the 16 Americans. But Pvt. Brian Bradbury was Monti’s guy. He was isolated and bleeding badly on this grim mountain ridge in northeastern Afghanistan’s Nuristan province.

Monti didn’t get far. A barrage of fire cut down the 30-year-old moments before air cover he’d requested arrived.

Exhausted and reeling from a desperate fight that left Monti and another leader dead, the 10th Mountain Division soldiers pulled Bradbury to safety. Read more


3 responses to “Memorial Day: I Drive Your Truck”

  1. Mac says :

    I know this song/video. Love it. My uncle and a friends’ son are 82nd airborne.

    • israeliminx says :

      Mac, respect and honour due to them! You know, now that I know the story behind this song, it makes me tear up everytime I hear it. So many brave young men and women serving their country and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. It makes me see red that so many in the U.S. devalue them and are even hostile about the service they do to protect those idiots and their elitist lifestyle.

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