fat fat the water rat (make that the minx)

Ok, so I decided I simply could not continue to garden in this heat in skirts down to my ankles (or skirts of any description). I pulled out my shorts from storage and discovered… I can only get into one pair of them. Yeah, the hormones fiasco causes you to put on weight around the middle (ya look like you might be in the early stages of pregnancy even though you are most defintely not) and even though you are eating far less to avoid going comatose several times a day. I am up to 117 pounds, people and I weighed my nice, normal for me 92 pounds when I moved here in 2005! I couldn’t even get them zipped laying down, not even the hand-me-down shorts that just a couple of years ago were too big to wear without a belt and that I used only for painting. The belts don’t even fit anymore. I’ve got one pair of shorts that still fits and they are on their last, eh legs. It is a little plaid number with an elastic waist band that my Ema bought me back in 1990 from Lands End or LL Bean. I used to belt them too. She actually got me two pairs of them but the more ‘goes with things’ blue-based one wore out (utterly disintegrated when two tiny kittens tried to climb up them) several years ago. I’ve got to find someplace that sells shorts. I’m assuming a trip to Tel Aviv is in order…


4 responses to “fat fat the water rat (make that the minx)”

  1. Lynne says :

    shorts on the way…

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