you know you live in a warzone when…

…the air raid sirens suddenly start blaring really, really loudly (one is located across the street from me in my neighbourhood), you are out digging a little bed to nest some okra seeds into and don’t pause but rather casually glance around. No one is going for cover. Still, because you are social psychology steeped, you know this is not a good sign to go by as they may also be looking around to see what other folks are doing and, in situations of uncertainty, people tend to take their cues for how to act from those around them. It is a problem when everyone is doing that because then no one acts when they need to be acting. Still, air raid siren or no air raid siren, you still really want to get this bed dug and so you keep on digging. You see the little family from the floor above come flying down the stairs with little ones in tow and into the deathtrap we call a shelter in our building. Finally, a soldier strolls by and you call out, “Test?” Yep. Back to digging, nothing to see here.


6 responses to “you know you live in a warzone when…”

  1. Lynne says :

    I know that you love your neighborhood, but don’t you need an apartment with a proper shelter?

  2. israeliminx says :

    Nah, the chance anything is going to hit my abode in an attack is passingly tiny. I’m not fussed.

  3. Erin Rawls says :

    i think i read on JPost that there were supposed to be country wide around noonish and another in the evening. What do you do with all your cats when there is a real siren? That is one of the things I think about when considering aaliyah…I have a cat with asthma and an anxious hound/catahoula mix (thanks to a horrible hit- and- run- car- flipping/rolling- accident with a tractor trailer truck last summer) and worry how that would affect them stress wise..

    • israeliminx says :

      Erin — during Lebanon II I actually had the cats trained to get into the carriiers (with some help from pop top cans of tuna) but I only had three big cats to worry about and the six babies I had all went into one carrier (I found homes for two of the babies and Arie passed so now I’ve got three of those now very big babies left). That building had an elevator and so as soon as I got them locked into the carriers, I stacked the carriers on a dolly, raced to the elevator and down to that buildings’ deathtrap shelter. I could do the whole cat procedure from siren sounding to ostensibly safe in the basement in under 3 minutes. Then, however, I had to leave the cats and race upstairs to help the elderly Holocaust survivor couple and it took more than 15 minutes just to get them from the apartment to the elevator…

      1 cat, 1 dog, you will have no problems…

  4. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Israelis should know better and they should take these exercises really seriously because it might save their lives in the future, when the real events occur!!

    Even though Israel is far from taking action against Iran because they will try to avoid the issue as long as possible (procrastination to the maximum!), if the government at the helm thinks LONG-TERM concerning Iran, they will be forced to strike Iran MASSIVELY!!! We speak about more than 50 nuclear sites in Iran that Israel will have to destroy completely if (when!) Israel will take the decision to act against Iran!!
    Then, the training with these exercises will pay dividents for those who took them seriously!

  5. erin says :

    under 3 minutes..that is AWESOME. One more thing I can cross off the “what about….” list 🙂

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