an exhausting week

I’m still waiting to find out when my last make-up class will be scheduled. Our gazillion spring holidays managed to almost all fall on the days my classes are scheduled and so, of course, we need to have those classes tacked on at the end of the semester in June. It is putting a spanner in the works of my trying to make travel plans as I really am hoping to fly to the U.S. to see my niece for the very first time (she’s a year and a half old!) when they are there on visit.

Today I’ve got to get an instillator (plumber/handyman) to come in and unclog the main bathroom drain. This is the scupper drain that you use to scupper the water (and massive amounts of cat hair) down when you clean the floors but also the drain for the bathtub (and massive amounts of my hair). Unfortunately, the cats also like to scupper their toys down it. I took a shower at the crack of dawn on Tuesday morning, a nice long and relaxing one, and got out to the most unrelaxing experience possible — half an inch of water all through the living room, into the bedroom, into the kitchen! I had to leave for work with a ton of water still standing on my floors and when I got home from work at 10 on Tuesday night, it was still standing there and it took me hours to get it dried out. I can see a variety of toys (and loads of cat hair) lodged down the drain but can’t reach them. Both the cover and the drain strainer are useless because one of the cats’ favourite games is to pry them off and out and then knock their toys in. Yeah they are minature golf fanatics. I keep the door shut but Puddin’ has figured out how to jump up and hit the handle to open it and so in they go. I don’t understand the fascination with the damn thing. I’ve got to get someone in with a snake to clean it out.

More updates later.


3 responses to “an exhausting week”

  1. Lynne says :

    Since you are home today waiting for the plumber, walk around the apartment and figure out where to put an a/c unit. Find someone to put glass in some of those windows. If you are even remotely considering staying there in that apartment for another year, you need to make those immediate improvements.

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema, I have 18 cats and all but two of them are carrier and transport massively phobic. The regular cost of moving plus trying to trap and then move the cats (and lining up peolple with vehicles to move them) would far out-wieigh any remotely conceiveable inconvenience I might personally experience in the next 20 years combined. You have no idea what I went through to trap and get them here when I moved the last time. I would walk over hot coals to avoid a repeat. I reserve the right to kvetch, howeveer 🙂

      • Lynne says :

        Oh, so get an a/c and let’s transport the cats out one by one. I also suggest that you try as hard as you can to place those very few that are adoptable. Put their pictures and stories up everywhere, even on US sites! Email Tonya and ask for help. I’ll ask Ellette to post them on the sites she uses, but send me info and pictures. When I visit this summer, I will bring back at least one in cabin, and a few more if it’s safe.
        But, in the meantime, make your own home more cozy by getting an a/c!

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