Garden pics while the instillator does the plumbing fix

So let’s start out with a big over-view picture of the back garden for orientation purposes and then get up close and personal with some of the little plants. In the picture below you can see the kind of soil (aka cement masquerading as sand) I started out with in the garden last summer. Yeah that hard-packed stuff with scrubby weeds growing on it. To the right, in front of the big bush, are three tomato plants and the sweet pepper plant. Next to the big bush are the three nice pots my neighbours gifted me and that I plan to nest an aubergine (eggplant) plant into each, perhaps along with a flower. Hidden behind the big bush, are three more tomato plants. Off to the left in the garden are the yellow onions my Ema sent, lots of little newly started from seed plants, three more tomato plants and the others we’ll take a closer look at. Out of frame on the left, along the fence, I’ve got two tomato plants and plan to put a combination of okra and more cucumbers.

Here’s a closer pic of the main back garden area. I said above that there are three tomato plants behind the big bush but in truth there are four. If you look to the right, behind the front edging of flowers, you can see one of the sturdy volunteers. I’d planned to move it…somewhere… but then saw it was flowering this morning and so I promised it that it could stay. The flowers are going like gangbusters and I’ve still got one more marigold I need to find a home for. Between the flowers and the tomato volunteer, you can see two of the new eggplant seedlings. Compare them, in the ground for only a week, to the eggplant seedlings in the little pots at the front (left) — they were planted all at the same time. Being in the ground makes for happy aubergine plants. The thyme (just behind the flowers on the left) is seriously bushing out.

If you are bored, try to see how many peppers you can spot on this plant (hint there are 11 — I think, everytime I get down and squint at it in person, I discover more that I hadn’t seen before);

Another morning surprise — there is a big ole cucumber ready for harvesting! I plan to leave it another day, however, since I’ve still got the free cucumbers coming out of my ears. In another week, I’ll have a nice garden batch to share with the neighbours. Not shown in any of these pictures are another 9 tomato plants scattered about the yard, the herbs, roses, etc.

Ahh, the gardener’s easel. This is a patch that I dug up last weekend in the front yard. It is in shade in the morning (as seen here) but gets good afternoon sun from around 2 or so on. I plan to put some okra and a couple of eggplants here. 100_0055

This is also in the front (yeah, trash thrown over the wall, there). I plan to dig this up and also put okra and perhaps some susans here. It gets good afternoon sunlight and very early morning sunlight. 100_0057

AND the instillator just left and assures me that I can shower without fear of re-creating Noah’s flood. He was utterly charmed by Batya and Little Mouse. I guess it is a testament to my good, under the conditions, housekeeping that he was floored when I told him I had 18 in here. He saw Tzofia limping along on her three legs and wanted to know her story and when I told him about Batya being thrown out of a moving car in Beer Sheva as a tiny kitten and how I bought a backpack to carry her home on the train, he got really choked up and literally was wiping at tears. He has a dog and would like a cat but doesn’t think the dog would be on board with that. He is going to ask around to fellow animal loving friends and see if any would like to adopt from my brood. Cross fingers!

There are a few more new garden pictures over on the photostream for anyone interested. Of the three pics currently on my blog’s flickr photostream, the first one is of the kudzu-like plant with the pretty morning flowers. I love the flowers, I just wish the plant didn’t try to take over the entire yard…


4 responses to “Garden pics while the instillator does the plumbing fix”

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  2. israeliminx says :

    My eyes were bigger than my arm strength today with the garden. I’d planned to plant some of the okra, petrozilia, bush squash, and more cucumbers, as well as transplant four of the eggplants and start digging on that front section. I got one aubergine transplanted, watered everything, and then trimmed on the hedge that is going wild (still a lot more to do on that) and the weeds trimmed back in the very front. Tomorrow I’ll plant, then dig, and I have to do a trash pick-up because parts of the yard are just gross. The good thing is that people are throwing far less trash into the parts of the yard that I’ve really been concentrating on and have little growing things. So nu, I’ve earned the shower I’ll take as soon as the water heats up. Eh, provided I don’t fall asleep beforetime.

  3. israeliminx says :

    You can go ahead and call me garden obsessed. Seriously, I am. This morning I couldn’t bring myself to pull out the lettuce — I cut it all down to nubs and will see if I can get one more round of harvest out of it. I’m currently munching on a huge, tasty salad as I write this. I harvested the big boy cucumber and when doing so discovered there was an even bigger boy cucumber hiding among the leaves. That sucker is 8 inches long and I wish I’d discovered him sooner because, especially at the beginning of the season, harvesting your cucumbers a bit short (excuse the pun) causes the plant to make a lot more cucumbers over the season.

    I dumped all the remaining basil seeds into a little seed pot and if any grow I’ll be amazed. That whole seed packet has been a dude with not even one seedling. I planted several okra seeds in the front garden and trimmed back weeds around the rose plantings. Then it got too hot and I came in to do more domestic tasks and some grading. I plan to be out there planting a few more things and doing some digging toward evening when it cools off a bit.

  4. Mac says :

    Sounds like you’ve gotten a good amount of joy, not to mention some yummies, from your garden this year!

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