IRS bombshell coming?

The White House lawn is already filled with craters from bombshells coming out of the Benghazi debacle, the targeting of AP and Fox News reporters, and the IRS scandal but there is always room for a few more and one of the editors for the Drudge Report tweeted out that a very big bombshell is about to explode on the IRS front. According to the tweets, the bombshell won’t implicate Obama directly but will show that the targeting of political opponents by the IRS was ordered from very “high” up.

The liklihood that that is the case and that a bombshell is indeed on the horizon was significantly increased by David Plouffe attacking the Congressman, Daryl Issa, in charge of investigating the IRS scandal in Congress by claiming (also via tweet) that Issa is “Mr Grand Theft Auto and suspected arsonist/insurance swindler. And loose ethically today.” Yeah, pretty bad when you have to go back to charges against Issa made in the 1970s –and charges that were dropped and offenses of which he was cleared. Better get some nose clips folks because the stink of desperation is getting intense.


One response to “IRS bombshell coming?”

  1. Lynne says :

    I imagine that the media will continue to try to cover up for Obama, as they have been doing and are doing now at this point.

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