Seriously awesome day

I’m utterly exhausted but have had a great day. You know how sometimes there are strange coincidences? Like this morning I was talking to one of my students at the inhuman hour of 8:15 before class and I was trying to think of the best scale she should use in a study and said to her ya know, I had this absolutely great book that had nearly every psych scale known to mankind in but I lent it to a grad student around 4 years ago and I never got it back from him. He was one of my favourite grad students and worked for me as a TA but I hadn’t thought of him in several years. Fast forward to tonight. I’d just walked in the door when my phone rang. Unfamiliar number. I answered it and…it was my old grad student! I’m going to head up his doctoral dissertation on a really interesting topic and will go down Friday of next week to the kibbutz he’s moved to and get to see his kids and his really sweet wife (the baby is now 6 and a half and his oldest 16! Years. Dude). And he’s got my book ready to put in my hands! Woohoo.

Earlier today I got a tutoring student and on Monday will make an extra 300 sheks. He wants me to tutor him through the summer and then next year for at least three of his psych courses. I’m only charging him 100 sheks an hour instead of my usual fee of 150 because he wants a lot of hours. If he needs me to tutor him in stats next year, I’ll charge him a reduced rate of 150 for that. Extra money makes me a very happy camper. I didn’t even advertise, he’d just heard that I was ‘an awesome’ teacher. Well yay, go me.

I had a quick 15 minute meeting with another student who graduated last year and she is going to start running the study we designed together last fall in July. Dear go-d YES some actual research getting done and it is in the business arena and organizational psych is really where my interest has turned of late. Even though I was mobbed with students pretty straight all day when not actually teaching, I was able to carve out 30 minutes to have lunch with one of my closest friends and talk planning the wedding.

I just picked up a pizza and about to eat some of it and then collapse on the couch with the DVD of Lord of the Rings part 1.


2 responses to “Seriously awesome day”

  1. Lynne says :

    That was a good day 🙂 I hope that tomorrow is just as nice!

  2. Mac says :

    Yes, good day indeed, congrats!

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