Under Obama, Egyptian’s views of America worse than under Bush

Roughly eight-in-ten Egyptians (81%) expressed an unfavorable opinion of the U.S. in a poll conducted this March by the Pew Research Center. Today, the U.S. gets even more negative ratings in Egypt than it did throughout the Bush presidency. Even American aid is viewed with suspicion – majorities say U.S. military and economic assistance is having a negative impact on Egypt. Someone should have told John Kerry that last week before he quietly skirted the law enacted by Congress and released 1.3 billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Oh and to show their thanks, an Egyptian court this week sentenced 43 democracy workers, including 16 Americans, to up to five years in jail for working in NGOs not registered with the government. Critics of the restrictive government see the action as a crackdown on pro-democracy, non-governmental organizations. Well, uh yes, because it is.


2 responses to “Under Obama, Egyptian’s views of America worse than under Bush”

  1. Mike says :

    I think the problem is less that the Egyptians, or anybody else in the region, like the U.S. less now than when Bush was president, but that they respect the U.S. less now. It’s nice to be liked but better to be respected, but to respected you have to be taken seriously.

    And nobody takes Obama seriously. Why should they. Egypt can convict, in abstention, Americans (including the son of a cabinet secretary) and still get its U.S. aid money, the Palestinians can refuse to negotiate and go to the UN and still get their money, Syria can cross the chemical weapons red line and nothing happens, etc, etc… I could go on forever.

    We could go on forever about Obama’s bad policies and bad advisers, but what I think everybody across the Middle East and beyond is that Obama is in over his head and those who can are rushing to take advantage of it. Lee Smith (I think) said Obama’s foreign policy seems amateurish because he is an amateur. An amateur among professionals will never have respect.

    • Lynne says :

      Mike, I do agree. Obama is surrounding himself most recently with more incapable, awful frankly, advisers than those he had first term. I am extremely disgusted with the main stream media that relentlessly promoted Obama and hid anything favorable, while constantly attacking Romney and the Republicans. We Americans are getting the worst possible president—twice.

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