Levin: “We have the elements of a police state here”

If you listen to nothing else today, listen to this:


2 responses to “Levin: “We have the elements of a police state here””

  1. Lynne says :

    It is over-reach. Most of us have nothing to hide and there is nothing to see in our records or in our ordinary lives, but we have seen that private information is leaked about Republican donors…and btw, that information has been distorted by Obama supporters who made wild claims about people which the media did not contradict or investigate or question (who was it in Obama’s campaign that claimed that Romney never paid any taxes at all?). Anyone who is politically active could be a target.
    I would not want the IRS to handle my medical information because we have seen what happened in that agency as the scandal unfolds. It will have serious consequences for Americans with health issues. It has happened in the past that people have had their medical records unlawfully released to employers —I know of a case where an executive had a heart condition and this information was released to his corporation. He was forced to take early retirement. So, the possibility for abuse is there and it’s real.
    It’s a fishing expedition, not effective at all. This cannot be justified by government agencies that did not even follow up on CONCRETE information given to them by Russia as well as many red flags that they uncovered themselves in their very limited investigation. These incompetents could not even find the injured Boston bomber who was a mere 300 or 400 feet from where he jumped out of his car. They didn’t go house to house or search most of the streets. The bomber was found after these morons gave the “all-clear” by an unsuspecting citizen. The government should work on getting competent, not by violating the rights of US citizens. I don’t trust amateurish, unprofessionals in these huge bureaucratic agencies to do things right or to do the right thing.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    What is shocking is to see the previous talks from Obama when he was not President of the USA and his newfound position concerning the recent scandal.
    See the video “Sen. Rand Paul calls NSA spying an ‘utter, frank hypocrisy'” at http://video.foxnews.com/v/2469869546001/sen-rand-paul-calls-nsa-spying-an-utter-frank-hypocrisy/?playlist_id=2114913880001
    This video shows very well how dishonest Obama is, how politician he is!!

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