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Today was a very busy day, filled with make-up classes from 8:30 -6 without a break in between. I tramped a lift halfway home and that bought me an hour and a half in travel time so I was home in time to see what grows in the garden.

Well, what grows is all good! Two of the tomatoes went from having the barest blush of colour on them yesterday to having an almost all-over orange colour today. I’ve got six cucumbers that need to be picked either tomorrow (one definitely tomorrow) or on Tuesday morning. Four more of the little hot peppers have gone red and so should also be harvested tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest (if I want the plant to keep on making peppers). I’m not sure what to do about the 3 bell peppers growing on the sweet pepper plant — do I take them off now, while they are green but still relatively small (going by last year, they are gargantuan) and hopefully promote more fruiting, or should I leave them a bit longer to see if they will grow still bigger before turning and still hope for more fruiting?

The little corner store saved a bunch of stuff for me to compost and added in separately 6 potatoes, 3 red bell peppers, and two packs of mushrooms that are still fine today but won’t be fine in a couple of days and they get a new delivery in the morning so need the space — so yeah, spontaneous cook-up then freeze happening tonight.

Little Mouse is doing awesomely and I’m now a major fan of the steroid shot plus antibiotics. He has gained significant weight and is running about the house terrorizing the other cats. When a blind cat can make you run, you know you are a scaredy-cat.

I’ll end on a personal request. Those of you who pray, please add in a few extra prayers for my Ema and those of you who don’t pray, please add some good, positive thoughts. She went into hospital today for a week-long testing session to ascertain the next treatment step. Her previous doctor, El Incompetano, told her she was in remission but she wasn’t and isn’t and, in fact, seems to be at a more advanced stage than he initially diagnosed her at, and the treatment regime he’d put her on might have been the best there was a couple of decades ago but…we’ve lost a lot of time through his conservatism and the previous four doctors who didn’t figure out that she had two frickin kinds of cancer and told her all her symptoms were psychosomatic or due to a variety of other things that she didn’t have.


15 responses to “garden and life things”

  1. Lynne says :

    Hey, I may be in treatment but I will still be reading your blog 🙂 The garden really sounds productive, and it’s so much fun to watch plants bloom and grow. When they produce fruit and veggies, even more fun!
    Glad to hear that Little Mouse is doing well. The steroid injection is a miracle for inflammation. It does not effect animals as adversely as it does people, and provides great relief. As a bonus for cats, it does increase the appetite and in cats that have not been eating well, the benefit is real and significant.

  2. Sylvia says :

    Have said prayers as requested: God bless.

    Also re gardening in cities – here’s a great article about the Hanging Gardens of…Sydney, Australia. ‘Green roofs’ and ‘green walls’.

    I love reading about your harvests. I don’t know how you do everything you do – the garden, the cats *and* the job…

    Right now I am watching a crop of mandarins – it’s early ‘winter’ here in Australia – colouring up, as are the oranges (on little trees no higher than my head). The lemon is dripping with lemons and the native raspberry – Rubus probus – is starting to fruit as well (makes heavenly jam).

    • Lynne says :

      I would love to be able to grow raspberries or blackberries. Good luck with your gardening!
      Thank you for your prayers and kind wishes!

  3. Mac says :

    Lynne, you have may prayers and then some!

  4. Mac says :

    that would be “my” prayers… bless you!

  5. israeliminx says :

    Thank you so much guys! Anything and everything that helps to get my Ema well.

    Sylvia –wow, I’m so jealous. Growing up we had a lemon tree, a satsuma tree, pomegranite, figs, and I think persimmon (little yellow round fruits that were mostly two huge seeds inside and a little bit sour tasting) and I would love to have that growing in my yard again! Wow you have fresh homegrown raspberries!!

  6. reader says :

    All the very best to your Ema!

  7. reader says :

    P.S. If you and your Ema have the energy: sue the arse who came up with that “psychosomatic” crap. Far too many lazy physicians use that line nowadays without having any clue how to diagnose mental disorders.

  8. reader says :

    P.P.S. Apologies for my language.

    • Lynne says :

      Reader, it was so frustrating to be unable to get a competent physician. I’m probably getting good treatment now, and I was lucky to have a remission of over a year, so I am grateful for that.
      I am home from MD Anderson now and will only need to go back to discuss treatment. All my tests are done, thank goodness!
      Thanks for your good wishes!

  9. Mike says :

    Positive thoughts and prayers are heading your way Lynne.

  10. Jake from Philly says :

    Keeping you in my prayers, Lynne.

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