Hidden fissures: The fickle Arab Street

Remember how surprised everyone was when Hamas did the coup thing in Gaza and killed off in brutal fashion (throwing folks off the tops of buildings for instance and machine gunning children on the way to school) more Fatah rivals than Israel killed in air strikes during Cast Lead? The West Bank Palestinians were suddenly saying all sorts of “racist” things about their Gaza brethren.

Then the Palestinians said all sorts of things about the Lebanese and talked about how good Palestinians in the ‘occupied’ territories under Israeli control had it compared to how horrible the Palestinians in Lebanon are treated when the Lebanese army and Palestinian terrorists were going at it.

Now the Arab Street has turned on Hezbollah. They were lionized when they were going after the joooos but now…a leading Egyptian theologian has called Hezbollah “the devil’s party,” Arab newspapers are calling Nasrallah “a wanted criminal.” “The Arab street has awoken to Hezbollah’s true, ugly visage,” Al-Hayat claimed. Read more

Yeah, well ya know, Hezbollah members are Shiites and they’ve aligned themselves with Syria’s leading minority Alawites and that definitely is going to piss off all the Sunnis.


4 responses to “Hidden fissures: The fickle Arab Street”

  1. Mike says :

    I’m sure you saw that Hezbollah shot a bunch of protesters in Beirut, killing one.

    • israeliminx says :

      Yep. They are trying to claim it was just a ‘crazy civilian’ but dude, nobody is that gullible.

      • Mike says :

        You know this, but Lebanon is always hard to figure out. There are a lot of reasonable people there and more than anything else, I think they want to avoid another civil war, so they will let Hezbollah get away with murder, literally in this case, to avoid returning to the civil war. You’ve heard the same stories I have about that time, so I can understand why many Lebanese want to avoid going back.

        So I agree with you that nobody will buy this latest Hezbollah story, but it’s likely people take to the streets or start shooting because of it. Who knows though. The desire to avoid civil war is so strong I don’t think you can look at any one event and say it will push things over the edge. At the same time, it’s clear the average Lebanese won’t put up with the current situation forever. We won’t know what’s going to break the camel’s back till after it’s broken.

        The situation in Syria is pulling all the conflicts in Lebanon to the surface. Also, Hezbollah is under stress at home and in Syria, which I think increases the likelihood that Nasrallah and other leaders will miscalculate and do something most Lebanese are unwilling to ignore. And of course Hezbollah is there so Iran can advance its interests, and Iran doesn’t really care about Lebanon or the Lebanese.

        I think the Syrian civil war is likely to destroy Lebanon.

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