Vad? Me? Vad-me? Me the vad?! Dude

I’ve no idea if my neighbours will vote for me to be the vad and until 10 minutes ago I never considered being a vad, much less THE vad. I can never say that at least some of my neighbours don’t appreciate me.

So I was out trimming on the verge, taking a break from grading the absolute mountain of papers I brought home with me last night. My next door neighbour and the neighbour from across the hall came up to me. “We’d like you to be the Vad,” they told me. Come again? “We’ve been talking to some of the other neighbours and we agree that you would be a great vad. You love things that grow and are making the yard pretty. Everyone has noticed that you are doing most of the things the Vad should be doing. You put the trash cans back and if you don’t, he lets them sit all day on the walk. You clean the yard of trash. He is proposing that we pave the yard to have parking so he doesn’t have to water. You are watering most of the plants anyway and what you water lives, what he waters dies. If you are voted to be the Vad, will you accept?”

Eh yeah, sure, but I really like our current Vad. He is a really nice person and has beautiful children. But eh, the Vad makes 9000 plus sheks a year to be the Vad…yeah, if there is consensus, I’ll be the Vad. Holy Guacamole, Batman.

Earlier today I went out and fed the outside cats, took some garden pics, harvested a bunch of stuff and put extras out for any neighbour that wanted them. Pics tomorrow.

6 responses to “Vad? Me? Vad-me? Me the vad?! Dude”

  1. Lynne says :

    Hmmmm Keep us posted 🙂

  2. tddpirate says :

    Is the vaad-habait a paid job in your house?
    And if not, how do tenants get elected to be in the vaad-habait?

  3. Mac says :

    You seem like a good “Vad” to me!

  4. Lynne says :

    I would hope that it would not cause bad feelings if you were chosen for this position though.

  5. israeliminx says :

    I think the owners of apartments get to vote on who they want as the vad if there are multiple options. An elderly woman was the vad when I first moved in here but she couldn’t handle wheeling the trash cans around any longer and so the guy upstairs took it over. It is a paid position but it doesn’t pay much (not sure how much but things like replacing the lights when they burn out, hiring in the landscapers etc all comes out of the money we pay each month and I’m assuming some gets set aside for emergency repairs etc). I definitely don’t want any hard feelings between me and the current vad.

  6. Lynne says :

    You do not need the additional chores, like changing out lights. You are enjoying the gardening on a voluntary basis, and you can garden or not, no stress.

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