from garden to neighbours: sharing the garden goodness

Here are a few pics I took yesterday of the garden right before I picked stuff and then the share-with-the-neighbours distribution station I set up. Some of the ripe tomatoes were already missing in action when I went to harvest (I don’t mind, I told the neighbours they can pop down and grab a tomato or cucumber if they need one and there is a ripe one available). So here are some of the tomatoes just before I plucked them:100_0059
Here are the bell peppers I haven’t plucked yet:
This is the little distribution center I set up in our entryway (yeah that is me in my gardening dress. Seriously cannot handle the long sleeves and ankle length skirts while mucking about with a shovel in this heat):
And this is the sign I put up to let folks know what was on offer. It says “Today: From our garden — fresh, organic and healthy! Mint, oregano, parsley, 6 big tomatoes, 4 cucumbers, 8 Mexican hot peppers (small and red), 2 Israeli hot peppers. Please take what you want! (Coming soon: eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and okra) I will remove what is left over at 8 tonight”
When I went to bring everything up last night, one tomato and one cucumber, and 3 of the Mexican hot peppers remained along with a sprig of parsley and just a bit of mint and oregano. The folks in apt 6 and 11 had written notes on the sign saying “thank you from apartment …!!”


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