Snowdon clued the terrorists in on Zero, but clued the rest of us in a lot

The claims of all the folks Washington is trotting out to call Edward Snowdon guilty of treason and ‘endangering Americans’ is really laughable. I mean, does anyone believe that the terrorists out there don’t know that the government is trying to track them and get evidence against them through their phones and internet activities? They’d have to be pretty frickin’ stupid if they didn’t. The government has, after all, come out and burnished their nails while proudly proclaiming that they got this dude with a drone strike after locating him via his cellphone and bringing up internet postings and email contact with terrorists as the basis for going after that dude. The govt, for instance, admitted that they were aware of the fact that Nidal Hassan (you know, Mr. Workplace Violence) had been in email contact with Awlaki and that they knew that before he ever decided to go kill a bunch of American military men and women (they just didn’t foresee that communicating with a leading terrorist, justifying jihad publicly to his fellow servicemen, and demonstrating the proper way to behead someone in a classroom show and tell might lead him to being violent in the workplace).

Snowdon isn’t guilty of tipping off the terrorists. Snowdon is only guilty of tipping off you and me that the government is spying on you and me and nearly everyone else on the planet.

Kirsten Powers has an excellent piece up on this that I highly recommend (The Sickening Snowdon Backlash).


One response to “Snowdon clued the terrorists in on Zero, but clued the rest of us in a lot”

  1. Lynne says :

    Of course. Most of the people in top leadership positions in Washington are beyond horrible. The leaders in the State Department have shown themselves to be liars, incompetent, and vile in every way. The head of the FBI was such an absolute mess when he testified and could not answer a single question about the IRS investigation, not who was leading it, nothing…and most of the mainstream media gives them a pass, allowing them to get away with betraying the American people.
    I feel so sorry for Snowden, and I think that he realized to a degree what he was facing when he left, but he did not completely grasp that he would be hunted and that he would not have anyone that he could trust at all. Not in China, nowhere. He will not be safe. He has risked his life to expose this travesty and it makes me sick to hear the lies coming out of the mouths of some of the leaders in Washington and in the media.
    NOW these Washington bureaucrats are saying the program foiled terrorist attacks! Are we supposed to believe that when they could not even follow up on concrete evidence given to them by Russia about the Boston bombers…they absolutely failed in every way. Lies coming out of Washington and more lies.

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