Finally the government passes a law that helps us rather than hurts the average person. Daylight savings time will extend this year (and it seems every year!) until the end of October! We’ve got so much sun in this country that I don’t see the point of having daylight savings time ever but I’ll take having that extra hour of sunlight through the end of October any day of the week over shutting down the sun as early as early September. My garden will be happy.

My garden is not happy right now. Well, parts of it are but, because I’ve been so busy, I didn’t get out to water it on Friday when I got home from tutoring or yesterday (and I tutored again last night until midnight). Today two of the four cucumber plants were totally dead and the other two on the doorstep. They suffer if you water them only once a day in this heat and to go two days without was a killer diller. The rest of the garden managed and was seriously appreciative when I arrived with the watering can. Since I’m going to try to book a flight to Texas for Thursday, I’m planning on arriving back and needing to start from scratch on somewhere between 70-90% of the plants. They obviously won’t survive the watering hiatus. My neighbours next door have said they will water the tomatoes in the back on Friday morning for me but I can’t ask them to traipse around the yard looking for all the hidden gems I’ve tucked here, there and everywhere –and I’m not going to hold my breath that they’ll even remember to water that main tomato patch.

I got Yafah to the vet today for her rabies shot and will take her to the Beit Dagan tomorrow morning to get papers allowing her to leave the country. I tutored for an hour and met with non-paying students for six hours today and have another 8 hours of meetings scheduled tomorrow in the afernoon and evening. My apartment looks like a bomb has gone off in it and after I eat something I’ve got to at least tackle a bit of needed cleaning and then start grading on the 162 5-page papers for one of my classes. If I can keep awake that long.


2 responses to “Daylight!!!!!!!!”

  1. njs says :

    DST is bs
    it’s the same sun you just choose to sleep through it
    despite the nyth,doesnt save energy
    but it sends the kids to school in total darkness
    i’m sure that makes someone happy

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    Thats Horrible!!!!! I HATE Daylight Savings Time!!!!!!!!

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