down to the trip wire (pun) and maybe no admission

So my flight leaves on Thursday morning at the crack of dawn and Yafah and I will need to transfer to two further flights (with layover times at each) for a total of 23 hours traveling. If we get on the plane(s). I spent hours yesterday and today trying to get the cat good to go and still have not resolved things. I’ve got her booked on the flight from NY to Austin but, since my phone doesn’t do international calls — not even international 800 number calls, I can’t reach the European carrier to book the two flights it takes to get to NY for her.

Then getting her health certificate is proving to be a nightmare. I went to the Beit Dagan this morning and was told that the official vet is on vacation and they otherwise only do the blood-work there needed for cats heading to European destinations. I got the number of another state vet (I didn’t know there was more than one and it turns out there are four, each in a different city). When they gave me the number, I thought it was the only other alternative. I schlepped Yafah back home and called — no answer. Left a message. Kept trying that number every 15 minutes for several hours. I finally called the Beit Dagan back and they gave me another number – aha, there is another one! No answer on his phone either. Left a message. Waited a bit and called the first number, then the second and then the B.D. again. Finally state vet #4. No answer. I have to try them all again in the morning.

I may not need the health certificate though. The U.S. only requires I bring along her proof of having her rabies vaccine. The problem may be the airline. Some airlines require an international health certificate even if the country they are flying to does not.

So, if I can’t get one tomorrow she and I will arrive at the airport for the flight and hope they will let us depart. Otherwise, we’ll be coming on back home.

At ten tonight the pet sitter will come to get the keys and see the various food and water set-ups and regulations (the big ole troughs for the majority of the kitties, how to unlatch Tovi’s room to feed her in her mini troughs, and the spot to feed the little black cat and various friends out in the garden).

I harvested 9 tomatoes, some lettuce, a cucumber, 2 green bell peppers, and 17 red hot chili peppers today! The neighbour who is watering the garden for me on Friday selected one of the bell peppers and a couple of the hot peppers for their dinner tonight. I’m going to be chowing down on a very big salad. Not sure if that will happen before or after the pet sitter comes as I’ve still so much to do it makes me crazy just thinking about it.


2 responses to “down to the trip wire (pun) and maybe no admission”

  1. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, I called the airline and I hope that I booked the cat on board. I will try to find out about the cat traveling with only a rabies/basic health info.

  2. Mac says :

    Good luck, happy traveling!

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