getting there to getting there

Progress report. Got the health certificate signed. I’m very glad I tutored all those hours because the cab ride there and back cost a solid four hours worth. It wasn’t in Rechovot it was in Kanut in this huge industrial park and my cab driver drove us around in there for forever trying to find it, even though I’d gotten base directions. The vet was a real James Herriot though and his secretaries were so incredibly nice — they were the ones who called and begged in to come in especially for me in my dire situation and when I got there I had to wait because he was in the shower: He’d just come in from working with a bunch of cows and goats out in the fields and had been out there since 3 this morning. He was also really kind as when he heard his secretaries saying that since I didn’t have a car (the only way to reach the place as no trains or buses go remotely near it) I’d had to take a cab he was like, yo I’m not charging you the 39 shek fee! Fly that little cat to its new good home with all blessings. He was also impressed that I have 18 rescues — he’s got 5 cats and 3 dogs, all rescues.

Once back I picked up some ozniots so I can listen to my ipod on the plane. Ipod is now charged and ready to go. I didn’t get to the bank and hope at the airport I can take out about 2k shekels to convert to dollars in case they demand payment for the cat in cash — some airlines do.

Still to go: start packing, clean all litterboxes and carry the used bags to the trash, wash the dishes and clean the kitchen counter, do two loads of clothes (some of which I think I need for taking with me but all of which need to be cleaned or they will be mildewed by the time I get back), finish the exam I have to send tonight and that I proctor on the day after I get back, feed the outside cats and water the garden, clean the bathroom and shower, feed the inside cats, corral the fly-girl into her carrier and pack food, extra diaper squares and a blankie for her (after checking out if the cloth sherpa bag is still functional — g-d I hope so as the small hard carrier means I have to pack her stuff in with my onboard stuff and will have no leg room even remotely for the duration). I think that is it, I might be forgetting a thing or two. Nu, I’ll probably forget a thing or two.

Looking forward to eating something (anything) tex mex that is slathered in cheddar cheese. Actually, I might request an entire block of hard cheese just to eat like an apple. Think about it though: hard yellow cheese –it has been nearly 10 years!!!!


8 responses to “getting there to getting there”

  1. Lynne says :

    I have booked you into a fantastic spa and you will definitely need it!!! Girl, your life is too hectic by far!

    • israeliminx says :

      Don’t want a spa, just want to hang with you, the bro, and the baby for every minute I can!! Oh, and eat cheese, make sure Yafah is settled in, hang with you, hang with you and hang with you some more!

  2. Lynne says :

    Food from Mother’s, the famous Austin vegetarian Tex-Mex restaurant….spa but plenty of time to hang with the baby and your brother and me!! I have a spa experience B & B, birthday cake, Tex-Mex food, and more planned for you! And cheese 🙂 Bring your bathing suit! You’ll have time for a morning swim and the rest of the time with us!

  3. Mac says :

    Sounds like Lynne has some good stuff for you! I wish you much good yellow cheese! Don’t know if I could go that long without good cheese lol.

    • Lynne says :

      Mac, I hope that I have everything planned well for her very short (!) visit. I am sure that she will give everyone a full report.
      All that read and comment here will be glad to know that she is bringing out one cat today—-one less to take care of and hopefully one that will soon have a forever home! I hope that we can systematically get most of them out and that will leave her with her own pets only.

  4. Mike says :

    safe travels

  5. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    I told you before that you Yael are the slave of your cats!! The quality of life that you lose with your cats is beyond reason, really!!
    Again, keep only one or maximum two cats and start living your own life instead of living your cats’ lives!!!!!

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