thank g-d and going on the warpath when I return

I’ve been on the phone since 8 am trying to get the cat sorted. I finally found someone who told me I need my vet to print out a special form for the U.S. and Russia to fill out — essentially it says the cat is in good health and gives the date and rabies vaccine number, the age, colour, breed, he or she signs it. BUT then you still have to get one of the state vets to simply sign the paper saying yeah we see the vet has signed the paper. They don’t need to see the cat. It is like getting the damn thing notarized even though it is not signed in their presence. In other words, it has no use other than their getting money. They only work 2 hours out of the day and only a few days in the week. Thank g-d, after I dissolved into hysterical tears a few minutes ago, one of the vets is willing to come into the office in Rehovot today at 3:30. I will be there with form in hand. I am going to leave in a few minutes to take Little Mouse into Ronen’s clinic for his shot and to board him and will take a taxi from there to the place in Rehovot to get the vet’s signature.

When I get back, I am going to write letters to every single Knesset member screaming about this and see if I can get the other rescue services and vets onboard so that all you need is your private vet’s affirmation and information. There is NO NEED for the damn “Official” Vet. Who died and made them G-d?


One response to “thank g-d and going on the warpath when I return”

  1. Lynne says :

    Bureaucracies are dangerous and annoying wherever they exist.

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