Eyzeh Yafah! — Yafah is in Paradise

I’m back home and have much to blog over the next few days. I couldn’t wait, however, to show you all some pictures of Yafah in utter kitty paradise. She made not a peep during the entire 28-hour trip from Bnei Brak, Israel to Austin, Texas despite being pulled from her travel bag five times for security checks. Was it worth it? Take a look at these pictures and you tell me — she has already given a huge thumbs up! Hopefully soon she’ll be with a loving forever family too.

Here is the outside of her kitty enclosure within a kitty enclosure. Yeah, there is a whole secret kitty space behind that door:
Stepping just inside and you see Yafah in lounging luxury way down at the far end of her own personal paradise. She’s got room to run and play, a litterbox, a plant to attack, and lots to explore and climb and perch on down at that end:
But that ain’t all! Yeah, she is considering climbing up on the high runner shelf:
And here she goes…Up!
And now exploring all the way to the entrance area, with multiple shelves and things to play on there too:
My little Yafah is 100% safe, secure and now immensely happy. This is just a tiny part of the incredible kitty spaces my Ema has built for rescues. I’m going to do a post, maybe more –there are so many awesome things she’s set up — on the rest of what is truly a sanctuary for these little traumatised, ill, and abandoned cats. Now, if I can just get Yafah’s sisters over there…


8 responses to “Eyzeh Yafah! — Yafah is in Paradise”

  1. Lynne says :

    Yafah is completely settled in today and was very glad to have visitors! Her safe enclosure was cool and shady today and she spent time in a variety of spaces within it. The enclosure is airy and cozy at the same time, and it’s large enough to provide space for climbing and exploring. A carpenter is coming over on Thursday to build a secure area within the enclosure for her house in case of rain or bad weather.

    I’ve been rescuing now for over 15 years and have provided all the funds for the care, shelter, food and vetting for the animals. I’m considering applying for non-profit status now though, but I haven’t done it yet as it’s such a process. I have seen some “sanctuaries” that are horrible, stinky places, and I do not believe in taking animals in and putting them in a bad situation. My shelter has taken shape and in addition to a sparkling clean shelter converted from a garage, the cats now have a pretty fenced yard to play in. I’m always trying to improve things, too. Yafah is in one part of the shelter that I am particularly proud of.

  2. tddpirate says :

    Wow, it was quick. Flight, visit, return, post photos!

    • Lynne says :

      TDDPirate, I bet Yaeli can hardly believe that she even went. It was a whirlwind trip!

      • Mac says :

        I wish she could have had more time to spend with you Lynne!

        • Lynne says :

          Mac, me , too. But I really enjoyed the two days that I got to spend with her, and it was wonderful to have the little cat here in the US where I hope to find a new forever home for her. I had hoped to go to Israel this summer, but maybe in the winter I will be able to go. We are hoping to bring out more of Yaeli’s rescues, too, until she has just a few of her own pets there. I am fixing a new outdoor enclosure to accommodate the new rescues.

        • israeliminx says :

          Whew, you and me both, Mac! But it was absolutely wonderful to see her and to see my niece for the very first time. Totally unbiased, here, I must say that my niece is the most beautiful child to have ever lived! 🙂

  3. Nicole says :

    Could you only take one cat with you at a time? Otherwise it seems a shame not to have taken more…

    • israeliminx says :

      Nicole, yes, because of the heat airlines won’t take kitties in cargo unless it is a direct flight with no transfers (and most airlines won’t even take them for a direct flight). A lot of airlines don’t allow them in cabin either on international flights (American airlines, for instance). I was hard-pressed to find a flight combination that would let me take just the one!

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