The garden isn’t dead and happy neighbours!

Ok, some of the things are well on their way to being dead and I lost a couple of tomato, okra, and all of the cucumber plants. Most of the plants are still hanging on and some of them are thriving.

I was out this evening being bitten by mosquitoes (19 bites!), harvesting tomatoes (fewer than the mosquito’s harvest but still about 14 of them), and bright red hot peppers (ha! beat the mosquitoes on that one — 23!!!!), and watering. My neighbour called out “Yaeli! Yael yikara sheli (my dear Yael)!” Her husband was the one who watered the main garden on Friday last for me and she came up to thank me for the tomatoes they harvested while I was away. She said her kids were simply wild over them. They’ve got a boy about 7, a girl aged 5, twin girls aged 3 and a one year old baby girl, gorgeous all, and she said that the twins ate them like apples, taking a bite then smelling them and making ‘nummmm nummmm nmmmm’ noises. Her son has proclaimed me ‘a very special neighbour’ and her five year old who hates tomatoes ate three of them. She was like, ‘the children know the difference between these and those from the store by their taste and smell and couldn’t get enough of them!’ I gave her 8 more to take up to the kids.

Now I’ve got to get to planning and planting replacements for the things that didn’t make it and putting in a few more garden spaces…food for thought and thought for food 🙂


One response to “The garden isn’t dead and happy neighbours!”

  1. Lynne says :

    Homegrown tomatoes and veggies are generally much more delicious than those found in supermarkets. I saw a video once about the cultivation of tomatoes to be sold in supermarket chains, choosing their characteristics based on survival on an assembly line belt, shelf life, etc. rather than taste or vitamin content. The tomatoes that I have in my garden taste like those I had as a child, and these are so much more delicious (and I can grow them organically). Good luck with your garden! Good news that it survived your absence.

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