So, Egypt

For some good info on the situation in Egypt and an in-depth understanding of the various currents at play there, pre-last night before Morsi was overthrown, check out the Big Pharaoh’s blog. For those of you who used to read the Good Neighbour’s site, you will remember BP 🙂

Obama is all upset that his dear tyrannical Islamist fanatic Muslim Brotherhood friend Morsi has been deposed and stated the U.S. must now reconsider whether to continue giving aid to Egypt.

Now, if Egypt wants to have a chance, those who are in the opposition need to get themselves together. The secular groups were splintered and fractious and refused to work together in the previous election which is what caused the more unified Muslim Brotherhood to be able to take the election. If they don’t want a repeat, they need to join together with some common platform and vision. They need to take a big tent approach rather than each group demanding on its own narrow focus.


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