Fatah calling for Gaza over-throw of Hamas, Hamas attacking Egyptian soldiers?

The terrorist group Hamas may be one of the biggest losers in light of recent events in the region. Hamas has alienated Iran and Hezbollah by sending fighters to battle Assad’s forces in Syria. Now, Hamas’ parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, has been ousted from power in Egypt. When the Muslim Brotherhood gained control of Egyypt, Hamas hosted massive celebrations in Gaza. Abbas has already sent congratulations to the new interim President of Egypt but Hamas has been shocked silly and silent — verbally, that is.

Today, rockets were launched at the city of Rafah on the Gaza-Egypt border in the Sinai and a number of gun battles have taken place in the Sinai. One Egyptian soldier has been killed. Suspicions are high that Hamas terrorists are involved. In the past several weeks, the Egyptian army has pretty much entirely shut down the illegal tunnel smuggling network from the Sinai into Gaza and confiscated large amounts of weapons headed for Hamas hands.

According to a report on Jpost, there are voices among Fatah talking about a coup against Hamas. Hamas, as you may remember, engaged in an armed coup and, after killing more than 1,000 Fatah members and civilians, over-threw the Palestinian Authority in Gaza back in 2007. Now Fatah is hopeful that it can regain control in Gaza. If the Egyptian army continues to sit hard on the weapons and goods smuggling into Gaza, that just may have the possibility of happening.


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