Garden update

The tomatoes: I have 8 plants, a mix of cherry and slicers, that are still producing. I have 4 plants that haven’t produced anything yet and are kind of stunted (not too surprising since they were planted in totally unamended soil). Today I pulled up three tomatoes that produced but were determinate and so were dead as doornails after producing their one-time harvest. I think I need to get some cherry tom seeds and start some more plants for a fall/winter harvest.

Cucumbers: What cucumbers? Yeah, they all died while I was away, even the new seedlings. So, I’ve got to do a replanting.

Zucchini: Something is eating the sole zucchini plant something fierce. I planted two more seeds today.

Eggplants/aubergines: They are growing like gangbusters, one especially. Two of them are being eaten on by something but the other 10 are doing great so far.

Hot peppers: Something has eaten one of them down to the stems in just this past week. Yikes! The other two still have fruit ripening.

Sweet peppers: The sole planted sweet pepper still has one fruit on the vine and is flowering and doing well. A couple of weeks before I left for my short break I’d potted up some seeds from a store-bought pepper and thought ‘well maybe some will germinate’…dude. Tomorrow I’m going to transplant three of the about 16 that sprouted up and now have true leaves and put them into the eggplant/dahlia garden I made. I want to put three more into big pots, perhaps with an oregano plant. I need to start some oregano seeds. Not sure what to do with the rest of them.

Thyme, dalia flowers and other herbs: The thyme around the very front rose bush is growing great and, barring unforeseen disaster, there should be 6 very nice and big thyme plants ringing it by spring. I might should start some more seedlings to put around the other roses. The dahlias are all between 3 and 6 inches tall but show no sign of flowering as of yet. The 3 parsley plants are growing well, the nana is starting to take over the triangle area (yay, I was hoping!). Tomorrow I am going to plant catnip and some black-eyed susans.

I think I’ve found a couple of spots to put the okra that grows to 7 feet tall. I’ve lost three of the Clemson okra seedlings (grows to 3-4 ft high) and need to replant.

I wish my compost would hurry up and compost.


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