Crazy Egyptian-street conspiracy theories

How are people this gullible and stupid? It really boggles the mind. Egyptian newspapers and a lot of Egyptians on the street seem to think that there was an Israeli-Zionist conspiracy to get the Muslim Brotherhood to rule the entire region. Yeah. You can’t make this stuff up. They actually think that Israel was in cahoots with a secret deal with Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas.

Ynet reports that the newspaper tied to the liberal opposition, El Doctor, came out with a front page headline “Egypt has crushed the Zionist, American and Muslim Brotherhood’s lobby with the ouster of Morsi.”

“According the lively imagination of the paper’s editors, the three groups were in cahoots in a bid to bring about a division in Egypt, allow radicals to take over Sinai and use such a situation to justify an Israeli reoccupation of the peninsula, where an alternative Palestinian homeland would be formed.”

Trust me, if we ever were to retake the Sinai, the last thing we’d be interested in doing would be planting a passel of Palestinians on it.

So yeah, the Egyptian street thinks that Israel was in cahoots with an organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot Hamas with whom we frequently exchange rockets and who goes about blowing up our civilians and kidnapping our soldiers. If the Egyptian street is this stupid, there is little hope for the country.


4 responses to “Crazy Egyptian-street conspiracy theories”

  1. Lynne says :

    Good grief. Beyond stupid.

  2. Jake from Philly says :

    It’s always our fault. Everything. Always.

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