The itchy and scratchy show

Yesterday I was like, what the…?! I was changing out the sofa covering and noticed the tell-tale signs of a major flea invasion. My indoor-only cats have been flea free for the past three years. They are certainly not flea-free now. In fact, they are covered in fleas. The invasion has happened quickly. When I left for Texas, not a cat was scratching and there was no sign of flea detritus when I groomed them. Dude. I spent two hours chasing cats around the apartment and managed to get Revolution on all but Puddin’, Tinoket, Shachori, and Tovi. I’ve got to buy some more today and those four are on my hit list. I may re-hit the fattest cats as the Revolution I had expired in January of this year (it should still be good but may be slightly less effective). I’ve got to wash all the cat beds and spread copious amount of flea powder around the apartment. Argh. I don’t know if the fleas migrated over from the apartment across the hall where there is a big dog or if the pet sitter brought them in or what but they are here and obviously reproducing at a rapid rate.


6 responses to “The itchy and scratchy show”

  1. Mac says :

    I hate fleas with a passion! Good luck with them!

  2. tddpirate says :

    The Invasion of the Mutant Fleas!
    (the title of a 3rd rate horror film)

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  5. Erin Rawls says :

    Yikes! That is not cool. I pet sit so there are alway extra dogs at my house or I am taking my dog with me to their houses and so far i have been very very lucky that we have not had an invasion. On the flip side, my neighbors are horrible about leaving standing water in their backyards (think sandford and so) so we are all bitten to death by mosquitoes all day and all night who buzz around the back door waiting for me to open it and let the dogs out. Inevitably at least one gets in the house and gets me several times before I can squash the sucker. How’s kitty who is now with your mom?

    • Lynne says :

      Erin, the kitty is doing fine, thank goodness! She seems very content and happy. I hope to find her a good forever home soon.

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