the old guy upstairs has gone off his rocker and doh my flowers!!!

Last night at nearly 11 pm I heard our hose outside go on — full blast. It stayed on and stayed on and stayed on. After about 10 minutes of hearing the water, I went down to investigate because, clearly, it wasn’t someone just rinsing out their trash can or what have you. I encountered the ancient mariner from upstairs. He was “watering” the yard with the water on super high pressure “I could kill a tree” force. He turned it off, after I came down and explained that he was caring for the yard. Yeah, ok. I was a bit more disturbed when he then slowly creaked over and collected my shovel (yes, MY shovel that I’ve been storing under the stairs where people put their bikes and strollers etc for convenience sake) and, even more ominously, a hand saw. You know, the kind you use to saw a tree. I took the shovel from him and helped him upstairs with his cane in one hand and the saw in the other and me supporting the arm with the saw. So…

Ohmyg-d. This morning I encountered utter carnage in the yard. You know the eggplant and dahlia garden I wrote about putting in about a month ago? Well the eggplant plants are still alive but, of the 8 dwarf mignon dahlias I started from seed in early May and carefully transplanted out in a pretty front edge row, all but two are DEAD. Three of them were entirely dug up, along with the sweet pepper seedlings I put into the furthest end of the little garden plot (I’d not had enough flower transplants to fill that spot) just two days ago. In the middle of that dug up area, a big (we are talking waist-high) spreading tree branch had been stuck into the ground. More tree branches littered the ground around the flower garden. Two more of the dahlias had been trodden on and were laying utterly broken and lifeless and one, stepped on but at least with stems still attached, is not going to survive. Pretty much, all the flowers have been killed except for two out of the whole flowerbed. It is just a mudpit now, as is the entire front shade garden area where he pressure-watered the landscaping plants there. They are alive for now but the whole area is just SOAKED way beyond what these succulent type plants are used to and some of them have been knocked over and askew from the power of the water stream he sprayed on them.


7 responses to “the old guy upstairs has gone off his rocker and doh my flowers!!!”

  1. Lynne says :

    If you love gardening and you do, you must have your own garden in your own yard. Otherwise, you will constantly be having these kinds of things happening.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Even Microsoft is also shamefully allowing the NSA to basically get access to any personal data that is related to Microsoft!
    Read “Microsoft let NSA bypass encryption on mail, chats and cloud storage, says Guardian” at

    When is someone (representatives, senators) going to tell to the NSA and the US government: “Enough is enough!! Now, the NSA and the US government are both barred from accessing any private data that is used on electronic documents, terrorism or not!! End of the story!”

    • Lynne says :

      I think that most people are apathetic and believe that they have nothing to hide so they don’t care. There are people coming forward though to say that we have choices: DuckDuckGo and other search engines that don’t track. Get off of Facebook, if you can, because they make it hard to completely delete yourself (they can still track you even if you are inactive). I just don’t like the idea that Google can track your every move on the computer. It has also come out that the US spies on each and every Ex-Pat. It’s just not a good situation. The government knows all your searches, all your purchases, all your contacts, etc. No privacy at all as you sit in the “privacy” of your home using your computer.

      • israeliminx says :

        Even DuckDuckGo is not entirely safe (you can add a layer of protection to your privacy if you use duckduckgo if you first use a proxy like .onion (a dot goes on front of the word onion if you want to search it and check out how it works) to first connect to the Tor network. Using a proxy like .onion anonymizes your computer as soon as you connect (largely) so you are covered not only when doing a search.

        That said, figuring out how to do all this is above the heads of the average person and even using the Tor Anonymity Network and services like DuckDuckGo (which sends all its searches via Tor) does not fully cover you as sophisticated tracking programs can track you there as well and I don’t know anyone who believes the U.S. and other govts don’t have access to sophisticated digital surveillance tracking programs.

        • Lynne says :

          I think that changing over to duckduckgo and getting off facebook at least sends a message: Hey, we don’t want to use your service if it’s not private. I’m not tech savvy but I am going to try to delete all tracking programs and to use just those who promise some privacy.

  3. Lynne says :

    Let me know what you find for email. check your email. Medical update.

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