hectic week coming up

I am going to be running about like a crazy person next week. I’ve got student meetings and student tutoring set up on Sunday from the morning to late evening. On Monday evening I have to meet with the landlord to sign the lease etc, which means I’ve also got to go to Tel Aviv to my bank in the morning, I may need to head to Herzliya to pick up paperwork, if they’ve got it ready for me, in-between, and then after meeting the landlard, meet up for tutoring in Tel Aviv to tutor from 9- midnight. I have three hours of student meetings and five hours of tutoring scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday I meet with students for 6 hours and then tutor for another 5 hours and on Thursday I have to give an exam. Then tutor. I will probably have more students calling for meetings next week that I will have to fit somewhere. Yeah, I’m going to collapse on Friday next.


3 responses to “hectic week coming up”

  1. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, check email.

  2. Lynne says :

    Your week does sound more than jam-packed full. Try not to do many of those. Make plans to relax every spare moment and if you can, reduce the number of obligations you have this next week. Hectic schedules like this are not good for anyone. We all need our R & R. Truly.

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    I have found at least ONE Israeli politician I could give my vote with the confidence that he will not give any further of the Land of Israel to Muslims and his name is Naftali Bennett. I love this guy’s positions on various issues. That is one of the very few I could vote if I was Israeli and entitled to vote in Israel.

    If there is only one, … then … there is hope for Israel! Well, this one is Naftali Bennett to me.
    There are a few others in Israel but not Netanyahu, not even Lieberman, because most Israeli right wing Israeli politicians are ready to accept a two-state “solution” (nightmare!) but Naftali Bennett has been very clear on this matter, he is against a two-state nightmare.

    I suggest that you do a Google search on Naftali Bennett and read a few of his positions and, if you truly love Israel, you will discover that your heart does synchronise with Bennett’s positions on many topics.

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