French fries!! Dude

I got home from tutoring late last night, technically in the morning, as it was a bit after 1 a.m. and I needed to start my day before 6 today. I watered the veggies and then ran to the little store up the road to get some cream for my second cup of wake-up tea. ‘Oh we just put some vegetables aside for you, they are in the boxes out back,’…boxes? One box has about 30 pounds of the beige baking potatoes, the second has about 20 pounds of red boiling potatoes, and a third box had a bunch of herbs that were clearly ready for the compost. I went back inside and asked, “Do you also mean the potatoes? They are not anywhere close to dead…” Yep, they got a new shipment in this morning and don’t have room for them. I’m going to share the potatoes out with the neighbours, of course, but I think it is time for me to get one of those press a button and it cuts up the veggie things. I’m addicted to frozen french fries and they are very expensive and if I could cut up the gazillion potatoes I’m going to be left with, I could make my own frozen fries (you slice ’em, bake them to 90% done, flash freeze on a cookie sheet then stuff into a freezer bag and they taste just like fresh when you bake them the second time). I could feed my fries addiction until at least November!

I’m off to meet the landlord, then to Tel Aviv to tutor until midnight, then tomorrow I’m up and out really early again.

Quick garden news: One of the aubergine plants is flowering (4 flowers), the sweet pepper is flowering like crazy (like 30 blossoms), and the hot pepper planted at the rose base is also flowering (the other two hot pepper plants aren’t looking too hot). Something ate the newly sprouted cucumber plants pretty much entirely, the Clemson okra is starting to take off and the Jerusalem okra has sprouted.


2 responses to “French fries!! Dude”

  1. Lynne says :

    Wow! How generous and wonderful the folks are at the little store!! I hope that your schedule will slow down a bit soon and that you will have time to rest and relax a bit.

  2. Mac says :

    Nice tater score!

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