The Friday wipe-out

I feared I was going to totally wipe out today and I really did. I slept until after 9 and then did basic stuff like pilling and feeding Little Mouse, Mischa and Tovi, fighting off the hoards of non-sick kitties that want their wet food, ordering more food and litter, and washing the dishes. I went to the store and managed to forget the most important item: COFFEE. I did phone consults with three students between recycling the plastic, taking down the trash, and putting a pile of stuff on the compost.

Then I had a major freak-out when I found one of the pillars that support the building (my bathroom specifically, as well as all the bathrooms above mine) in great big huge concrete chunks laying in the yard and no longer supporting the building. I did not have Hebrew for explaining to the Vad and so dragged him outside and was like, LOOK. He knew. From his explanation it was either supposed to be laying in the yard or he knew already that it was laying in the yard but people are coming to fix it and the building is not in danger of immanent collapse.

I went upstairs, looked at the pile of grading I needed to work on, the disaster that is still my apartment, and I collapsed. I slept from 3:30 until nearly 8. Now I am wishing like hell I’d not forgotten the coffee, am avoiding looking at the grading (setting the alarm for 3 a.m.) and am about to mop the kitchen, boil the potatoes I’d set to soak this morning and clean just the biggest litter box and then I am going to collapse again.


One response to “The Friday wipe-out”

  1. Lynne says :

    Your week was entirely too hectic, and I hope that this one will be less so.

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