a kitchen sink post

This past weekend I was just totally wiped out and I expect to wipe out this coming weekend too — maybe I can manage to do it at the beach, though. I’ve not been yet this summer. Today was a totally full day and an expensive one too. I had to get the exams graded and turned in by 1 and that meant taking a taxi there. But I also had to meet with a student in Tel Aviv at 2 and so that meant having the taxi wait and then take me to my Tel Aviv meeting, getting there just in time. Dude, I hate seeing money drive away.

I had a tutoring session scheduled at 4 but the kiddo called and asked if we could push it back until 6 and I was fine with that, hanging out and grading in between — only, the kiddo then called back at nearly 6 and canceled entirely. Argh.

At home I did kitty feeding and garden watering. There are now several eggplants on the aubergine plant, the sweet pepper also has several bells on it and is still flowering, and the hot pepper that gets a bit of shade of flowering. The other two hot peppers that are in seriously baking sun most of the day –aren’t these things supposed to like hot sun?! — are really wilty and sad looking. I’ve got to find time to do some work on the compost piles.

Tomorrow morning I have a ton of errands to run, including taking Mousie in for his shot. The poor little fellow can’t eat at all and is just sleeping on the couch and occasionally gawping in pain when his own spit hurts him. Then I am going to have to grade like a mad woman.

I’ve got tendonitis in both ankles and that seriously sucks. I hate it when it flares up. Usually it is just one ankle at a time but this is a double whammy. It makes walking so not fun.

I just saw a house listed for sale in Lod for 50k. Dollars. Seriously, 180,000 sheks. I shipped off an email to the agent like immediately, natch, but I think something has to be not correct with this picture. For one thing, it is a HOUSE — a slightly more than 150 sq meter house — with a private YARD (yard is small but big enough for a decent sized veggie garden and fenced cat storage structure). So long as the darn thing hasn’t been condemned with walls and roof in danger of falling in on me, I WANT it. Oh baby do I want it –that is an insane price. I might even want it if it has been condemned.

There is a cat that has been crying for two hours now. I thought it was one of mine. I went all around the apartment seeking out and counting my cats. I couldn’t find one. I got to 16 and was like, ok, let’s locate them again…yeah 16. I couldn’t for the life of me remember which one I’d not seen. I went outside again but it was not one of the outside cats in distress and my missing one hadn’t escaped– the crying is very definitely coming from an apartment on my side of the building. Then I remembered the folks upstairs got a cat a few weeks ago and had all sorts of pet-happy-making stuff delivered. I finally found my missing one –Tzeekada had climbed into my armoire, knocked a few dresses off their hangers, and curled up among them.

Ok, off to cook potatoes for dinner and do some more grading.


3 responses to “a kitchen sink post”

  1. Tiger Mike says :

    I was under the assumption that Lod was kind of a slum.

    • israeliminx says :

      lol well better than Sderot which is slightly above my price range. I actually have been checking out the Sderot area available things but I’d definitely need to have budget left over for bomb-proof kitty shelter in that region and so far not looking so good on those lines. Lod isn’t as bad as your average small-sized U.S. city; it is largely Arab on Arab crime there and petty theft. There have been a couple of murders there in the last few years but, again, extended-family domestic/honour/kinds and one mafia on mafia shooting. Our high crime areas make Mayberry look pretty rough, however.

      • Lynne says :

        I know someone who lived in a nice house in an area similar to that and she had to move. The atmosphere in the neighborhood was intolerable. Don’t move yourself to anyplace that is marginal. Don’t do it.

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