Maybe Lod…maybe another country…

On Monday I go to see the property in Lod that is going for only 50k U.S. It is an actual stand-alone house with its own private yard. The deal with the other six apartments/properties I’ve found that were in my “under 130k” budget is that they all require the full sum in cash upfront– you can’t get them if you need a mortgage no matter how big or small the needed mortgage might be. With 50k I could buy this sucker outright but I can’t buy anything more than 50k outright, or put anything more than 50k down. Putting 50k down, I can’t afford anything here above 130k with a mortgage and that is seriously pushing things.

I’m really starting to think about yerida for the first time.


14 responses to “Maybe Lod…maybe another country…”

  1. liamalpha says :

    I, for one, will be rally sorry to see you go 😦
    I hope you can find a way to make ends meet.
    Good luck!

  2. Lynne says :

    Do not rush into anything at all. Take your time and make sure that you are making a good decision.

  3. Jacob says :

    Buying/selling real estate is stressful no matter where you live. I rushed into buying (in the USA) and have a few regrets about the condo we chose and the price we paid (we would sell our place for less than what we paid for it). If I had put the money that went towards the down payment into the stock market I would be much more financially secure than I am.

    Since some problems have arisen in the (1980s construction) condo I have anxiety about the repairs we are going to have to do to make the house sellable.

    Anyway, I love your blog and your aliya story! best of luck!

  4. Nicole says :

    i dont think what you wrote makes sense – all properties require payment in full upon signing the contract (unless it is a building that is still being built). But this doesn’t mean you can’t get a mortgage to pay for them. You need to go and get approval on the mortgage first (a general approval, based on your income etc., not for a specific property). Then when you find something you like you do a mad rush to organize the mortgage payment to the seller within two weeks before the signing – it is hectic, but that’s the way it works here.
    Maybe you need to go meet with a mortgage broker or a real estate lawyer so they can explain the system to you?

    • israeliminx says :

      Nicole — the real estate agent(s) specifically said that these properties cannot be sold with a משכנתא (mortgage). It must be 100% buyer’s own money. They all offered to show me properties that one can buy with a bank mortgage but all of those properties were in ranges far outside of my budget.

      I definitely am not going to rush into anything but I need to make the decision within the next five months whether to remain here or to move countries.

  5. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    About Anthony Weiner.
    How could a Jew such as Weiner who might not have any strong Jewish attachment to the Jewish people, how could Weiner have decided first to marry a Muslim woman?
    And second how could Weiner have decided to marry a Muslim woman whose father has such radical Muslim ties is beyond understanding?!!!
    I know lust is blind but what there is to lust for a Muslim woman whose evil Muslim background I could not think of accepting in my life!!!
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    Now, I do understand Weiner too well when he wants to flirt with someone else than his Muslim wife!! It is clear that he is forced into this farce of marriage because of the child that she has got recently!
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    • Lynne says :

      No fan of Huma here and I share your concerns that she is so highly connected to the Clintons (scum) and our government, but Anthony Weiner is another matter altogether. I will not defend Weiner at all just because he is Jewish, but yes, I feel sorry for him because he is obviously out of control, with a severe addiction that he cannot control on his own. It would be best for him to quietly retire from public life and try to get control of his addiction through reliable therapy methods. As part of his recovery, perhaps he could concentrate on volunteer service that would benefit others as he himself tries to heal, but he really needs to understand that he is in no position to ask for public trust.
      I don’t think that he was forced into his marriage with Huma. The baby came later, I believe.

      • israeliminx says :

        I think it is a political marriage. The wedding announcement was pretty sudden and happened right after rumours from within the Hillary camp started to really fly that Huma and Hillary were having a lesbian affair. I think it was set up to try to put a stopper on the rumours that were beginning to get some serious legs.

        • Lynne says :

          Yes, I read that before, and the closeness of the Clintons to Huma has always been strange. The Clintons are just plain bizarre, and Hilary is vile and untrustworthy.

  6. KLF says :

    Yael, If I was in your shoes I’ll make yerida ASAP, if not for something else but the damn weather.
    I love Israel with all my heart but after 16 years here I don’t see any future living here for me or my kids.

  7. Lynne says :

    KLF, living in Israel, compared to the US, presents more challenges in many ways. Because Israel is a small country, land and homes are expensive. I believe it may be easier for people to live there who came with considerable savings and resources. Israel is absolutely a wonderful place in almost all respects, yet living there does have definite limitations in lifestyle and options.

    • KLF says :

      I didn’t came to Israel from US but from some european country.
      I dreamt about Israel all my life. I married an Israeli woman here and my children are born here. But Israel is going in a very wrong direction and I’m very pessimistic about how this country is going to look in 20 years from now.
      I will strongly advice my children to leave this place when time comes if I will still live here.

      • Lynne says :

        KLF, it seems the entire WORLD is going in a wrong direction. I wish things were more peaceful and harmonious, and I really thought that by this point in history that they would be.
        I hope that things improve for you and your family. So many of us are just trying to make the best of life wherever we live. Working on creating as much joy and harmony as we can in our lives. Wishing some joy and harmony for you.

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