Oh my aubergine!

Some pics from the garden 🙂 Is this not one beautiful eggplant growing!
Yeah, I’m so proud of my little aubergine that I had to take a second picture of the plant. You can see one of the marigolds, a volunteer tomato plant, and another of the aubergine plants in this one as well:
This is the ‘flower garden’ that I created and that my maniac midnight gardening elderly neighbour put a serious hurting on. Along the wall is a whole string of aubergine plants. In the pot are two bell pepper seedlings and along the front…well the only two surviving mignon dwarf dahlias. Until the neighbour tromped and dug about, they had been like pretty maids all in row down the entire row. I’m planning to put some more in after I grow the seedlings up.
We now have not only garden cats but garden kittens (sigh). Yeah at least 2 and I think 3 fourish-week olds, feral as march hares, are scooting about the place.

This weekend I plan to set out the five cucumber seedlings and some of the bell pepper seedlings. It is a good thing a ton of the bells cropped up from that grocery store pepper’s seeds because five of the seedlings I set out last week got eaten by ants and other garden unfriendlies. Black ants also ate up all of the black-eyed susan and catnip seeds I’d planted. It was like a whole big black ant convention center in those beds.


One response to “Oh my aubergine!”

  1. Lynne says :

    Wow! The eggplant looks wonderful!!

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