so close I can taste it

On Thursday I should have a life again, at least for a couple of weeks until the moed bets. I’m going through the final onslaught of mega-grading and currently have no life, no brain, and no energy. I’m not sure I’ll get any sleep tonight but hope springs eternal (as well as fear I will oversleep). I’ve got to bring in a massive whack of exams and papers tomorrow. I’ve got another 5 or 6 hours of grading to put in (5 or 6, yes hope does spring eternal) and am about to take a break and eat something. That could be deadly and put me in a coma but I’ve been putting it off all day for fear of going comatose with food and now I’m so ravenous I can’t think straight.


5 responses to “so close I can taste it”

  1. Lynne says :

    Crossing my fingers that the next few days go smoothly and that you are in good shape on Thursday!!

  2. Lynne says :

    Is this the day that you are finally free and ready to start relaxing? I hope so!

    • israeliminx says :

      Theoretically tomorrow but the guy the landlord hired to put in the new air conditioner is coming over tomorrow at noon to measure the window etc and the house is in such dirt and chaos (really beyond horrible). I won’t get home from working until close to midnight tonight and I guess I’ll be pulling my second all-nighter this week, this time CLEANING. I agreed to pay half for the new unit (2600 sheks about) and at first I was really none too happy but then I considered that I originally rented the apartment paying 500 sheks more a month and after the first year the landlord agreed to the rent reduction. He’ll have lost 15,000 sheks by the end of next year with that agreement. I work tonight until 10, home by 11ish.

      • israeliminx says :

        Yo, relief finally reached the air conditioner guy and changed the appt until Sunday. Have lots to blog about as soon as I do have a minute but it won’t be today.

        • Lynne says :

          I am looking forward to an update, to hearing that your house is clean, that you are resting in A/C comfort. Hey, get ready to send a few more cats here for adoption! Yafah is doing wonderfully well here, loves her new life, and is bound to find her way into the heart of some generous person who wants her in his or her life. She is so cute, spins in a circle when she sees anyone and is very, very affectionate. I’ve started calling her “Dizzy” because of her spinning! I’ll send pictures soon 🙂

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