Knesset fireworks: Bibi slammed down the Balad fifth wheel

Go Bibi!

The Balad Party opposes the concept of Israel as a Jewish state, and promotes the idea of a bi-national state for Jews and Arabs.

The subject of the verbal exchange – that is, the Jewish historical connection to the Land of Israel – was a key theme of Netanyahu’s address to the United Nations General Assembly last September.

“The Jewish people have lived in the land of Israel for thousands of years. Even after most of our people were exiled from it, Jews continued to live in the land of Israel throughout the ages,” he said then.

“The masses of our people never gave up the dream of returning to our ancient homeland. Defying the laws of history, we did just that. We ingathered the exiles, restored our independence and rebuilt our national life. The Jewish people have come home,” Netanyahu added.

“We will never be uprooted again,” he said.

Divorcing Jews from their ancient homeland is a common theme among Palestinian officials, who regularly accuse Israel of “Judaizing Jerusalem.” This is also true among some of the Arab-Israeli parties, like Balad, that are happy to accept all the benefits of living in a full democracy and sharing equal rights with all other citizens, but are intent on destroying the country they live in (It should be noted that these parties feel very politically threatened because only a small minority of Arab-Israelis vote for them …most Arab-Israelis split their vote among the “Zionist” parties). Israeli archaeological officials have for years been protesting Muslim religious authorities in Jerusalem for discarding valuable Jewish artifacts in an effort to erase evidence of Jewish history in the Holy Land, including on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.

Well, Bibi wiped the floor with Arab-Israeli Knesset member Zahalka (who refuses to identify himself as being an Israeli, despite being born and raised here).

MK Zahalka, We are here and we are going nowhere. Accept it. Live with it. Reality is staring you in the face…and so is the likelihood that Balad won’t get enough votes in the next election to serve in the Knesset.


One response to “Knesset fireworks: Bibi slammed down the Balad fifth wheel”

  1. Mike says :

    There are a lot of negative comments you can make about Bibi (with the content of those negative comments determined by your politics so that I suspect mine would be quite different from others here). But in moments like this one, whatever your politics, you gotta like the guy.

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