where are all the bleeding heart pro-Palestinian groups?

Remember all the ‘the people in Gaza are starving!’ and hysterical wailing and gnashing of teeth around the world every time Israel took out a smuggling tunnel into Gaza in retribution for terrorists launching major barrages of rockets at Israeli civilians in the last few years? You know the hysteria and claims of genocide when a single Palestinian terrorist is killed by Israel? Yeah, well, Egypt has just taken out 102 smuggling tunnels into Gaza in the last week or so. In addition to taking out the tunnels, they took out some people: The Egyptian army claims to have killed 60 Palestinian terrorists in the Sinai and to have arrested more than 100 more. Birds chirping. Oh right, but Egyptians aren’t Jews, at least most of them aren’t.


5 responses to “where are all the bleeding heart pro-Palestinian groups?”

  1. David K from Philly says :

    I’m not sure it’s because Egyptians aren’t Jews… so much as it’s because Egyptians are Muslims (mostly).

    It’s kinda like America and the “N-word”. Only black folks can use the N-word at other black folks. And, it’s a “normal” part of life if a black person kills another black person. But, if a white guys does it (*cough* Zimmerman *cough*)… whoa! Look out! It’s racism!!

    Same thing here. Muslims killing Muslims is okay. Anyone else killing Muslims, not okay. Ludacris, I know.

    • israeliminx says :

      Mike, and the thing of it is, we here in Israel would gladly treat these leukemia patients at our hospitals here for free, giving them the approval to come across the border for treatment but for the past 3 years, Hamas has been blocking the majority of Gazans with approval on the Israeli side from coming here. Hamas made an exception, of course, for head minister Haniyeh’s brother last year and Israeli doctors saved his life.

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