purple peppers and other things

This is the end of a pretty grueling week. I had to proctor an exam very early this morning and then waited several hours, hoping that the exams would be ready for me to collect from the exams department. While I was waiting, I popped over to the garden center close by the university. Ooooooo, always dangerous, that.

I found a really pretty hot pepper plant that grows purple hot peppers. I mean seriously purple peppers. This is not just food, it is decorative food on the vine at its best. It was 14 shekels but I couldn’t resist because it was just so pretty. My dangerous activity increased when I checked out some semi-succulent flowering plants that were on sale for 5 sheks each. Somehow, three of them got in my basket. Ok, truth to be told, somehow the basket got into my hands after I pulled 3 of them out and was like “oh I like” and “these could replace the flowers the old codger murdered.” I also put in a packet of green bean seeds. I actually hate green beans (but will eat them). Green beans are marvelous, however, for putting nitrogen into the soil — something our nutrient-deprived soil has been even more deprived of because of the nitrogen-loving tomato and cucumber plants. In September, I’ll be planting these suckers everywhere the dead tomato plants grew and maybe more places besides.

Then I got a shock. Both the exams pick-up department and the paper pick-up department are closed on Fridays, all day. I waited that two hours for nothing. I have to go back next week to pick up both exams and papers to grade.

I got home at close to 5 and took a nap until 7 when I went out and planted the three succulent plants. I’ve not decided yet where to put the beauteous purple peppers plant. I’ve got three locations I’m thinking about but can’t decide…

Now I’ve got to do a pre-cleaning for a big apartment cleaning tomorrow and then fix something to eat. It only just occurred to me that I haven’t eaten anything today and yesterday I had only a plate of french fries that I nibbled on over 16 hours while meeting with my students (free) and tutoring kids (not my students) for a fee. I can’t eat anything even remotely substantial while working or I go all narcoleptic.


One response to “purple peppers and other things”

  1. dkaplan73 says :

    I know what you mean. If I have a big lunch the only thing I want to do is sleep. Not conducive to meeting with clients and getting work done.

    Tonight I’m making roasted beets. I got some beautiful organic beets at the store the other day. Gonna mix them up with some olive oil, rosemary and topped with a balsamic vinegar reduction. Side dish is taboule.

    I love Sunday cooking nights.

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