The landscapers cameth without garden devastation

This morning at 7:30 a.m. there was a knock on my door. It was the VAD and he was already sweating in the heat on his way to work. You wanted to know when the landscapers are coming next? Thursday sometime between 10 and 12 if you want to be here and show them what not to cut or I could write it out and he would call their boss. Great. I got my first cup of coffee.

Just before 9 there was the unmistakable sound of a weed-eater eating weeds. I ignored it, thinking that the folks next door must also be having their yard done this week in advance of the holidays, until a few minutes later when I heard what sounded like a small herd of elephants running down the stairs and then the shrill yells of the Vad’s wife trying to make a dent over the zzzrrrrrring. I then made lone elephant sounds down the stairs and outside.

“You aren’t supposed to be here today! Why are you here? What are you doing here?!” then, turning to me as I came padding up, “They aren’t scheduled to be here today!” She had the new baby in the crook of her arm and three of the under-6’s with her (I’m assuming the not-quite-two year old got left upstairs and I heard the older kids go off to summer camp at 8).

By the time we all got down there and got all the rogue weed-eating and chainsaw wielding folks gathered in, only three small spots in the garden had been utterly devastated. They told us that they had a cancellation and so came early.

They’d slashed the multi-coloured flowering rose bush down to a “I hope it will survive and bloom again within the next 3 years” status and killed all the flowers and thyme I’d planted around it. They utterly wiped out the four test tomatoes on the left hand side of the yard but I’m not too fussed as the sun and soil there are both so piss poor that I didn’t even bother to water them everyday. We lost only two impatiens and half the nana because one of them had a brain and said he’d already stopped his weed-eater there because he smelled something good.

The final spot hadn’t been touched but it is that front area where I planted the zucchini and they were like, we have to put all the cuttings in a big pile there…ok? Ok. I took them around the rest of the yard then, showing them what not to cut. They didn’t. It could be a sign the Moshiach is on the way.

I donated the TV today. It took me nearly an hour to carry that heavy mother down the stairs and to the street. It took less than an hour for someone to find it and take it away. I also recycled my diaries and “secret” notebooks of drawings, poems and short stories written between age 9-12. I read through them first and had a good laugh at just what an idiot child I was.

This afternoon and evening I met with students for their projects. Now I’m thinking about dinner.


6 responses to “The landscapers cameth without garden devastation”

  1. Lynne says :

    If you had not gotten down there, it would have been totally destroyed. Glad it’s ok. Did you get the new a/c put in yet?

    • israeliminx says :

      The ac guys are coming to deliver the ac on Monday. After that, I have to work out with the installation guy, actually installing it. It is going to just sit on my floor as of Monday afternoon. I really wish I hadn’t pushed for this deal. By the time it is installed, I won’t need it and since I plan to move in June, I won’t need it next summer either but I’m paying almost a thousand dollars (U.S.) for the mother.

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