our island of peace among the chaos

Those bad and evil Israeli settlements: They happen to be one of the biggest employers of Palestinians –20,000 workers –and they treat them so badly by paying nearly three times what workers doing the same job in the West Bank for Palestinian employers earn. Oh the oppression!

All hell is breaking loose on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Egyptian army is also really fed up with the Palestinians in Gaza who have been launching attacks on the Egyptian military and terrorist attacks on civilians in Egypt’s Sinai and so they’ve closed the Gaza border and gone after weapons smuggling tunnels in a big way this week. If they went in and routed out the terrorists, it would be best and it isn’t inconceivable at the moment.

All hell broke loose in Lebanon today and there can be no good feelings about it, despite the attack being launched in the terrorists stronghold of Hezbollah. It isn’t like they went after Nasrallah or his top aides. No, they did a suicide bombing in a Hezbollah-supporting neighbourhood and killed and injured a lot of civilians: The reported death toll is 20 so far and more than 200 injured. Sunni militants have claimed credit. Sunnis, Christians and the Druze are all fed up with Hezbollah. We are about the closest to seeing renewed civil war in Lebanon as we’ve been.

Syria is..well the killing of each other continues there.

Here, life is good. I had an awesome meeting with my banking representative. She’s Arab-Israeli, Muslim and amazing. I only owe 45,000 on my IVF loan (halfway paid off!). I only wish it had paid off in a baby. She helped me get sorted so that I have enough money (squeaeeeeek) available to pay the half-years rent on Sunday. I had some U.S. dollars I was planning to put into the account to get the amount up to snuff and she was like, no, go across the street to the currency exchange and have them convert it to shekels, tell them Bank haPoalim sent you and you will get a better rate than they advertise, and then put the money into the account. They will give you a much better rate than we will and none of the extra fees. Yo, it was nearly 200 sheks to the better.

From the bank, I ran a block over and took a 20 minute sunset swim in a gentle and bathtub warm sea. Yes, life is good here.


3 responses to “our island of peace among the chaos”

  1. Mike says :

    Don’t you know that the Muslim Brothers and the Egyptian army and Hezbollah and the Syrian rebels and Assad are all tools of the Zionists? Geez, I thought you knew about the Middle East.

    (Okay, this was a joke, but somebody in the region at some point has in fact claimed that all the groups I mention are working for the Jews/Zionists/Israelis.)

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Peace? Well, it is all an appearance of peace. When there is peace in Israel, you can be sure that the Palestinians in Gaza are preparing for actions to murder again Israeli Jews on their ancestral land. And one way to do that is to teach young Palestinians to hate Israel.
    Read “Palestinian kids taught hate Israel in U.N.-funded camps” at http://www.wnd.com/2013/08/palestinian-kids-taught-hate-israel-in-u-n-funded-camps/?cat_orig=world

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