6th Iron Dome battery goes online

During our last really big skirmish with the terrorists in Gaza a couple of years ago, we had two Iron Dome batteries functioning and it was not before time, as Hamas has been smuggling in thousands of grad and other mid-range rockets (which, launched from Gaza or Lebanon, can hit anywhere in our country) and they lobbed about a hundred of them at us. The Iron Domes took out more than 95% before they were able to hit their civilian targets. We had only two Iron Domes then, however, and they were being carted about the country in a frenetic pace. They got a third one into place during the middle of that conflict.

Then, last year, (November 2012) when the terrorists in Gaza went all nutburgerish on us again and lobbed 421 grad rockets at us, we had 5 Iron Domes online and they took out 86%.

Now our sixth defensive battery has gone online. Another six will be deployed in the next two years, bringing our eventual defensive capability up to a total of 12 of them. With those 12, we’ll be able to have every sector of our country protected against mid-range rockets. We’ve already got defenses against long-range rockets. Good fences make good neighbours and so do some big ole Iron Domes.


4 responses to “6th Iron Dome battery goes online”

  1. Tiger Mike says :

    I have a BIG problem with the Iron Dome system. The need for it should be eliminated.

    I would replace the Iron Dome with 155mm Howitzers. For each rocket comming from Gaza, 10 155mm shells would go the other way.

    • Lynne says :

      Tiger Mike, I agree. But the corrupt and evil international community does not want Israel to protect it’s citizens. Can you just imagine the howling media personalities?

      • dkaplan73 says :

        Call me a pessimist but I think the Howitzers will inevitably make a showing. If the renewed peace talks are – or appear to be – successful, there is no doubt in my mind that groups opposed to peace will try to derail it. They’ve already started.

        Israel will inevitably respond. Assuming peace happens – and I it’s a very lofty assumption in my mind – it will only happen after some rather nasty conflict.

        • israeliminx says :

          My idea, this was way back when Hamas ‘only’ had qassams and was firing them daily at our border communities, was that for every qassam they launched indiscriminately at our civilians we launch a qassam right back at ’em. Of course the international community would have screamed that we were indiscriminately targeting civilians, while giving a complete pass to the terrorists who shot first. I mean, the international community even blames us for Palestinian civilian deaths when they are caused by Palestinian terrorists’ rockets going astray and killing on their home ground rather than killing their intended targets: us.

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