eh yeah and seriously good kitties, good good kitties

There is a HUGE fricking multi-box air-conditioner sitting on my floor. This is the Godzilla of air-conditioners. The two boxes are bigger than my toilet room: One sez inside and one sez outside and both say Tornado.

The guys were supposed to deliver it at 4 and at 3:30 my landlord called and said he’d also be coming along. Ok, so mini freak-out. I wasn’t worried about neatness (ok so a little worried about neatness level) but I was seriously worried about cat level. An hour after neither the appointed landlord or air-conditioning guys arrived, I was no longer worried about neatness and was approaching extremely sweaty pissed offedness.

The landlord arrived finally an hour late. Only one cat was visible and he didn’t even notice it. Goooooooooood kitties!!!!! The air conditioner delivery guys arrived another 20 minutes later. So now I have the multi-box Godzilla Tornado air-conditioning unit sitting on my floor. The landlord was like, these guys like to install things early in the morning. I was like, no, these guys like to schedule arriving and then not come four times running. They can come on Sunday or Monday afternoons after 4. Make it happen. The absence of cats let me channel Jean Luc Picard, “make it so, Number 1.”

Yeah so these damn things will probably still be sitting on my floor in three months. The landlord having left, the cats are out and eying the boxes as prime cat scratching and perching posts. Actually, as I type, there are three cats perching on the really tall box and a couple sniffing round the bottom.


4 responses to “eh yeah and seriously good kitties, good good kitties”

  1. Dr McCosker says :

    Cats just looove boxes. Not only as scratching or perching posts; when they can, they climb inside them. We have two cats and the younger one especially likes to investigate any enclosed space – a box, a large stiff shopping bag left on the floor, a dresser-drawer left half open, a backpack…Did you ever encounter the children’s book, “My Cat Likes To Hide in Boxes?” There is, too, the nursery rhyme – “One two three tumble down D, the cat’s in the cupboard and can’t see me”. Until we got a pet house cat I didn’t know that the kids’ book and the nursery rhyme were based on scientifically accurate observation of cat behaviour.

    • israeliminx says :

      They do love boxes don’t they! I’ve never heard of the children’s book but I’m going to put it on my list of books to get for my niece! How cute. Your two kitties sound like wonderful little scamps 🙂

  2. Lynne says :

    So glad that the cats hid themselves. You never know what they will do!
    Check your email re: instructions.

  3. dkaplan73 says :

    Didn’t know you were a Trekkie! 😉

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