The least intelligent intelligence move: Expect way more NSA and MI5 info coming out

Hey boys and girls here’s a bright idea. Let’s go destroy a newspapers’ computers, pulverizing them before the staff’s eyes and then let’s also detain a family member of a journalist passing through the airport on a connecting flight, hold him for 9 hours, grill him, and then take all his toys. That will certainly put the fear of G-d into them and get those pesky journalists to stop publishing information we don’t like. Right?

Well, to be sure, in some countries those tactics are very effective. Intimidation and threats to one’s loved ones definitely gets people to get with the party line, so to speak –when the journalist in question and the journalist’s family lives in your country. When they don’t live in your country…not so much. In fact, when they are not living in your country, those actions do not inspire fear but rather rage and a burning desire to REALLY get back at you and take revenge. They also get the newspaper in question pretty up in arms.

Revenge is definitely on Glenn Greenwald’s mind. He’s come right out and said that now that the U.K. had the audacity to detain his romantic partner, with the U.S. in the know beforehand, he is going to publish a lot of stuff he had planned on not publishing before. He also noted that he has a lot of stuff on the Brits and that is going to lead the field on the new disclosures. The U.K.’s actions pretty much double-dog dared him to do so and he is planning to double-down on releasing information that they clearly wanted to prevent him from releasing.

Psychology 101 people?


One response to “The least intelligent intelligence move: Expect way more NSA and MI5 info coming out”

  1. Lynne says :

    Someone in the US government hacked Sharyl Atkinson’s computer, they tried to intimidate her for asking questions, James Rosen was targeted and the DOJ (and Obama’s right hand man Holder) stated he was suspected of criminal activities on the warrants that they used to spy on him, and Michael Hastings was probably murdered by the CIA for his investigations.
    Absolutely scary.

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