horrible cruelty: the little black outside cat

People I am so upset I don’t know what to do with myself. The black outside cat that was abandoned by her owners here a couple of years ago and that I have been caring for was missing for several days. She came up just a few minutes ago when I was putting out some food for the baby kitties and her and a few more that come up to feed in the garden. She came up but there was something wrong.

First, she wouldn’t come close to me and ordinarily she is all about winding around my legs and wanting pet. She did let me finally come up to her carrying food in my hand but when I reached out to pet her she hissed and struck at me and then ran some ways off. That is when I saw her tail.

Someone tied a string or something along those lines around her tail. At the base, the hair has been totally ripped off to leave a raw, bleeding section several inches long. You can see where hair was ripped off further down the tail in spiraling loops where the string was wrapped. While she was eating, she kept flinching and jumping and I was able to get close enough to see why …she has ants crawling all over the raw section of her tail. I tried to get her into a carrier to take her to the vet but could not get her inside. I am going to try again in a little while.

What sort of a sick son of a bitch could do this to a sweet and friendly little cat?


17 responses to “horrible cruelty: the little black outside cat”

  1. Lynne says :

    An evil, sick bastard—and dangerous. Those who hurt animals will hurt people. I hope that you can catch her. You may want to go to the vet and ask to borrow some gloves or ask for help with this. Once she is vetted, try to send her here asap.

  2. Lynne says :

    I forgot to say: Make a police report asap.

  3. Lynne says :

    Try to put a carrier with the door open, tuna inside at the back, cover the carrier with a towel and be prepared to slam the door shut if she goes inside…
    Keep us posted on your progress. Maybe call Ronen and others for help and advice.

  4. David K from Philly says :

    Oy… don’t even get me started on animal cruelty. Here in Philly we just had reports of some sicko who’s going around the city chopping off the paws of kittens.

    Where’s that island?!

  5. Mike says :

    I obviously don’t know all the details, so if I’m off base just ignore this. But it’s quite possible something just got wrapped around the cat’s tail without a person doing it, or doing it intentionally anyway. People just toss cord, string and such away and they can cause real problems for wildlife. I assume in an urban setting, it is the same for animals there. The plastic six-pack holders are a big problem in the U.S. (I don’t know if you have them in Israel.)

    I don’t know if that’s the case here, but something to think about. Either way, it’s good that you are willing to take the cat to the vet.

    • Lynne says :

      Mike, cutting off a cat or dog’s circulation to a limb or the tail (or neck) is a common type of abuse here in the US, and it apparently is not confined to the US. It would be possible for this to happen to a cat’s paw, if the cat were playing with yarn or string, but not the tail.
      I hope that Yaeli can coax the little cat to her and get it help—get it inside where it will be safe.
      I have a small animal rescue in Austin, Texas. I lock the doors and paddock the yard to make sure that the animals are safe. I think that they are safe, but I take the extra precaution to be sure.

      • Mike says :

        I suppose I just don’t want to believe people do things like that, but obviously they do. Still looking for a half-full glass I guess.

  6. Paul says :

    If this was intentional, well there’s a little thing called karma in this universe which has a funny habit of being a b*t*h to whoever hasn’t been so nice in their doings!

  7. Erin Rawls says :

    So awful. I volunteer with a rescue here in Richmond and follow several larger rescues across the US through Facebook and it is shocking and heartbreaking to see what cruelty is inflicted on poor defenseless animals.

    • David K from Philly says :

      Heartbreaking, yes. Nauseating, absolutely. Shocking? Unfortunately, no. As someone who’s been dealing with people on a day to day basis for almost 40 years… the level of cruelty human beings are capable of inflicting on others (animals, included) is not shocking.

      As a species, we seem to be the only one that maims and kills for fun. No other animal – outside of protecting themselves, protecting their family or for food – has any interest in killing.

      Human beings regularly kill children, gas whole villages, commit genocide, kill for Nike sneakers, and poison family members. This like this and more happen daily.

      So, no, this is by no means “shocking”.

  8. Tiger Mike says :

    Wear thick gloves and long leather sleeves, if you can. A cat in pain is dangerious. I know of what I speak.

    • Lynne says :

      Tiger Mike, I agree. Avoid grabbing that cat. I know a rescuer who almost died from a cat bite and I know many others who were made extremely sick. Be careful. The cat may heal a bit and get in less pain on its own over the next few days, provided that the wire or string is off of it. When it is in less pain, it will be less aggressive. Try to trap it if you can and then you can get it seen by a vet. Be very, very careful.

  9. Lynne says :

    Or scruff the cat by the back of the neck while wearing heavy gloves. Keep a firm grip.

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