Mother cat’s tail cut COMPLETELY off

This is a nightmare. I went down to put out food for the garden kitties and to water the plants just before sunset. The little black cat is doing better but her tail is still in a terrible shape. I was so worried about her yesterday that I just sort of noted that the little mother of the two baby kittens did not come up. With the kittens here, she is usually very consistent. I noticed her absence again this evening, however, and was really starting to worry. Then after my last attempt at trapping the black kitty failed and I was getting ready to go in at dusk, up she came. I was relieved to see her …until I saw that her tail is completely gone. It has been cut off at the base of her body. Gone. Completely and utterly gone. It was already so dark I couldn’t see the extent of the injury other than that there is no more tail there at all.

I’ve just gotten done contacting Let the Animals Live to let them know what is going on and hopefully to get some help here. We’ve got to find out who is doing this but I’ve also got to find a way to protect these little cats in the meantime. I put in a police report. I’ve also just talked with my cat sitter and she is going to call in a police report as well, given that her hebrew is much better than mine and I’m not sure the policewoman I spoke with really understood the issue.

I’m just sitting here counting who came up and who didn’t tonight. The black garden kitty, the two babies who thankfully don’t venture out of the yard yet, the big black male who is always beaten up despite being able to easily menace the rest of my more tame crew, the orange and white male, the grey and white now tail-less mother cat…but both the solid orange male and the other grey and white (not sure if it is a girl or a boy but it is spayed) did not come up. The solid orange male often does not appear but the grey and white is usually here and was here yesterday and so now I am extremely worried for it.


6 responses to “Mother cat’s tail cut COMPLETELY off”

  1. Lynne says :

    Perhaps your Israeli readers could send this post to any friends who could take one of the cats to their neighborhood. Keep us posted on any resources that you find to help with this terrible situation. I hope that you can get the most injured cat to the vet. Don’t get hurt in the attempt to do so. Can you coax it into your apartment? Maybe the vet could give you a sedative to put in its good and you could get it into a carrier? A horrible situation.

  2. Lynne says :

    Ooops. That should be “a sedative to put in its food”

  3. erin says :

    OMG that is sickening. When you come to the US are you bringing all the kitties with you?

    • Lynne says :

      Erin, Yaeli is already starting to get them out. Some are not adoptable since they are feral and adapted only to Yael, some have health issues like Little Mouse. Those will go in the sanctuary to live out their lives. None will be left behind. I have one already, Yafah who is here and doing well in Texas. She has a nice outdoor enclosure and a specialized house in it. I think Yaeli put up pictures of her. She was planning to bring out 17 cats, but now with this horrible situation, she will add these cats to the list to come out. I am sure that she can say more about the transporting of the animals and her plans.

  4. israeliminx says :

    I am trying to put out food for the outside cats 3 times a day now instead of twice to try to encourage them to just stay here in our yard where it is safe. The mother cat did not come up last night or early this morning but she did just come up for lunch. I ran upstairs to get both a carrier and the camera and went back down. LTAL asked me to try to get pictures of the injuries to send to them so they can publicize graphically just how bad this is. I managed to get pictures of the little black cat’s injuries yesterday. I couldn’t even get close to the little Mother cat. She saw me approach from 30 feet away and fled from her food across the parking lot and under a car. This is the little cat that follows me around the garden, rubbing against my legs, crying for me to pet her, and climbing into my lap every time I sit down to take a break from gardening. She is now utterly human terrified. I retreated and waited for 20 miinutes but she would not come out from under the car.

    • Lynne says :

      When she is in less pain, she will probably come closer to you. I hope that she will be as terrified of the person who did this and never allow him to get close to her. Were you able to find anyone to help you trap her?

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