homemade frozen mashed potatoes are the bomb and other things

Homemade mashed potatoes that are then frozen into single serving sizes are AWESOME. Remember when I got all those potatoes free? I’d read on the internet that you could freeze mashed potatoes with good success, despite their having been made with milk. I wasn’t sure I bought the idea but gave it a try. I made up a big batch and used an ice cream scooper to make my mini mounds, flash froze them on a cookie sheet in the freezer and then piled them into a ziplock bag. (I’ll post up a picture later). They’ve been sitting in my freezer ever since and last night I got a real craving for mashed potatoes. After nuking one of the little scoops worth on high for two minutes in the microwave, along with a side of frozen broccoli, I gave them a taste. Dude, they tasted like they’d just been freshly made. Awesome creamy consistency, no hint of freezer burn, and full of flavour. Two thumbs up.

In just a bit, I’m going to be teaching the kids next door a bit about gardening. I’ve got some flower seeds for them to plant, a dahlia for them to transplant, and I bought a batch of green onions so I can show them how they can re-grow the onions they get from the store. I’ve become really good friends with their parents (these are the guys who watered the garden for me when I was in Texas) and they want the children to learn where food comes from and the value of growing things. Yesterday little Immanuela (she’s 5) came running up to me, Dodah Yael (Aunt Yael) look, look! She was so excited about having gotten her ears pierced. They are really adorable. In October, I’m going to help them grow their own little pot of lettuce and am going to make them their own little fall vegetable patch. I’ve been trying to find a child’s size watering can but so far without success. I thought it would be a nice New Year’s gift to give them a kid’s gardening set (kid tools and some seeds inside the watering can). I’ve already gotten them a little first reader’s picture book with cute animals planting a garden, featuring a mouse, hedgehog, bunny, bird, bee, cat and dog and it was a big success as a bedtime story it seems.

On Sunday evening we’ve got a garden cook-out planned but I may have to pass on it because the air-conditioner installers are supposed to come on Sunday at some point and I’ve no idea how long it will take them to install it (they have to make a huge hole in the wall between the window and ceiling to put it in and then take out the small unit under the window and seal that hole — sounds like it might take quite a while). I’ve got to be on cat-control while they are doing everything.


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  1. israeliminx says :

    Wow the gardening was a huge success with the two little girls (the twin boys are too young to take part). They were so excited about everything, especially about planting the onions and the flower seeds and they were just jumping up and down when I pointed out the tomatoes that were the best for them to pick themselves and have for their Shabbat meal and pulled off nana, mint and oregano leaves for them to smell and try to decide which smells the best. We are going to have a half hour-45 minutes gardening date every Friday afternoon from here on out while the weather holds. They picked out big tomato plant (seeds) to plant next week.

    They want to come over and meet all of my cats (groan) next Friday. Hopefully most will be in hiding. I’ve always hung out at their apartment when I get together with the parents precisely because of the cats!

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